Ok everyone thinks OMG my Ribs are the best and they just may be.But not every one has the set up or contraptions you do to make them.And no baby back isn't the best ribs out there.Get a nice rack of just good old fashion ribs.Flip them over and remove the membrane on back.
Every store has it a Good Pork Rub just pick one there really isn't much a difference.Healthy amount rub that one your ribs after words with the palm of your hand rub grind in some Brown sugar dash here and there of liquid smoke triple wrap in heavy foil and let sit in frig at least five hours.
Over hot coals cook for 45 min then remove let stand for 15 more cut the top of the foil poor juice and all over ribs and put back on grill for 15 min more.
Best Glaze ever fall of the bone tender brown sugar gives them that BBQ Sauce flavor and Glaze rub gives them well what you want in a rub.But Im done on here I think this is a great and wonderful sight but only if your single we say looking for friends but that's a big open book.I just wanted to share what I had learned after 21 years of cooking,was honest posted I was married but maybe they need to add happily on here seems she is not since she found some one else didn't want to bore everyone with my trivial life just make some friends,but life lesson be careful what we ask for.Well Im done bugging you all will post this then delete my account