Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good online site for interactive backgammon. Have played for years at the AARP site but playing against the computer gets quite old, and quite mysteriously, the computer tends to receive much more than its share of doubles, especially when the game is close. :roll:

Same for gin and/or euchre... If anyone knows of a good site that offers player vs. player, I'd appreciate the share.

Hi Hoosier!!

There is an App in the Apple App Store called Lord of the Board. It’s frree, and you can play with people from all over the world. You can also play at different skill levels.

I love it!

Hey Lisa…

Thanks girl! I’ll give it a try this afternoon. Appreciate the recommendation.

PS: Go Hoosiers! Beat the Boilermakers!
Quite welcome, and yes! Go Hoosiers!! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I play Words with Friends regularly online and it is fun! :D