Hi, I'm a secretary for two Local Authorities. I'm also a trained therapist and use Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage and Acupressure to ease pain and stress in my clients.
Since taking early retirement, Ive done a few part time jobs but since May 2011, I have been working for this club as a Community Manager. Its the best job in the world looking after all you lovely people!! I am a member too and it helps me to understand the problems of members and what goes on in the chatroom!
I worked 35 plus years in Industry, and various work situations, this includes electronics and electrician apprentice. Mainly business in the past ten to fifteen years such as secretarial for lawyers, doctors, and businesses. I am not changing careers apart from this just heightening it by taking classes in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I like the Scientific research and working as I study for my Master's degree. I would like to relocate to Texas for my licensure and continue for my Ph.D, and write for Journals. :D
I work 2 jobs as a Clerk. It's really tough... But I'm able to keep up.. Still happy... I think that's the main thing...
I'm an Excise Tax Accountant in the Oil & Gas Industry. 
I am a physicist. Engineering physics. By nature engineers are inventors. They invent and automate so that those inventions assist them to do as little as possible. So in the end I do as little as possible. :lol:
pix1961 wrote: Hi, I'm a secretary for two Local Authorities. I'm also a trained therapist and use Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage and Acupressure to ease pain and stress in my clients.

Your picture resembles to Sue Pollard and that is a compliment :D I could do with a massage :lol:
I work part-time in human services. I love the free time I have for myself now. I can stop and smell the roses. I love it!
I am a retired private investigator.  I miss work.  Retirement is boring for me.  

Denise.mp wrote: Hello all,

I've been split into 2 different areas: Admin - hospitality, health care, freight forwarding (not too far from you Truckmen!) and Teaching (language schools).

I count five (5) and Latin (V) areas unless........ I am mistaken, Mrs. Geoffry's class should be recommended.
For convenience I brought her class here click and read the sketch
https://www.50plus-club.com/forum/moron ... 57500.html


Twizzle59 wrote: I'm a Facilities Manafer at a defence establishment

Gosh I was so ignorant of the job function so I googled it and low and behold there is thousands of jobs there for manafers. Office manafers talent development manafer list is endless. There is one for a loyer manafer too. See link below


https://www.google.com/search?q=Manafee ... S:official
I started as a Secretary in gov't., went on to executive administration.
Worked part time for modelling agency.
Took visual arts at college, mostly sculpture.
Then decided to do creative work instead of office work so became a floral designer.
Also took different courses which interested me and became a counselor for anxiety/stress, OCD, etc. and taught CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for over 12 years and did one-on-one help, and two support groups for those who preferred that. Each has its merits.
Also volunteered with the National Parole Board for a couple of years, helping parolees adjust to their sometimes new world when they came out. A volunteer was stabbed to death in one of the half way houses and my ex. was always nervous for me, so in the end only did two years.
At one time was a fitness instructor too, part time. I really enjoyed that, helping others reach their goals is really fun for me.
I always knew you are a multifaceted, talented creative individual. It shows in your posts and how more than often you think out of the box. That only comes with experience. That is something very rare indeed.

Where on earth is my dog?
Thanks for the compliment, Broadcaster. I love thinking outside the box. That's what makes me, well, me. :D :D :D
I have been:
• a clerk in a hardware department store
• a human pack mule carrying large pieces of metal and steel over my shoulder in a warehouse
• a janitor cleaning office buildings and residential homes
• a bus boy cleaning tables and delivering food to rooms in a hotel
• a purchasing and material control manager in a manufacturing plant
• a plant manager for a manufacturing plant
• a yard clerk for a railroad
• a regional manager for a railroad
• a train dispatcher for a railroad
• a newspaper boy throwing papers door to door from my car
• a district manager of a newspaper
• a customer service representative flipping burgers in a hamburger joint
• a construction worker putting glass in windows of high rise buildings
• an office and marketing manager for a auto collision shop
• a receptionist for a law office
• a registrar in a hospital
Before you start thinking to yourselves this guy has worked so many different jobs it doesn’t sound like he knows where he wants to go. Or maybe you’re thinking that for this guy to have worked so many different jobs he must have come to America with Christopher Columbus on the Mayflower. My only reply to your speculation are a few words spoken by my old friend Chris who said that “by prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination”.