griffith7x57 wrote: Personally, I have satellite because I'm a Fox News addict. However, a friend has a digital converter (he has an antique TV) and an indoor antenna. His reception is greatly improved since all the channels switched from analog to digital a few years ago. He gets 8 or 10 channels pretty consistently. He lives just outside of Ottawa.

Hope this helps.


I would also recommend the dish, as you will get good signal and can subscribe as many channels you want, where as if you got a digital antenna, the signal could be week. Digital T.V. still has a long way to go, they still pixelized, more so over the phone line where as cable isn't as it has a stronger signal then phone line. They are making T.V. with the black box(channel changer) built inside T.V. now, so one less thing to worry about it collecting dust. The dish can withstand any weather. (wind, hail :)

stardaisy wrote: Sorry, I must understood you, I was thinking last night what you were trying to say, you were looking for digital and not analog, I was talking about analog which no longer is in service with digital T.V. which analog won't work.

If you decided to go digital, there are lots of good companies out there, we just can't have antennas here due to the type of weather we have, our weather has damage lots of them and no one is getting them anymore as cable is much more safer due to the conditions of our weather.

Correction: understood should be misunderstood
Since the Digital switch over in 2011 I have used my home made digital antennae, 1 for each of 3 TV's.

Easy to build, 4 metal coat hangers, a piece of wood about 18 inches long some screws and washers and some wire. the tough part to get these days is the 50 to 75 ohm converter. Total cost of material $0, total time to build 15 minutes each. Being a builder of stuff, I could not justify spending money on cheap quality digital antennae to get free TV.

Won't pay for cable or telephone line TV (price is nickel'd and dime'd upward monthly). Used to do the FTA satellite stuff but found too much time was wasted waiting for software updates and new hacks.

Now use Netflix, free international internet TV, downloads, and local 6 stations broadcasting digital.

I do have to live with Rain Fade (more than I did with Satellite) or re-position antennae.