I'm an artist. I love to paint. Subjects can be anything that just catches my eye to put on canvas. I also like to write poems, short stories of good morals with a twist of humor. Is there anyone else who love to paint? I like to migle with other creators of art. :D There is no limit to what the mind can do in creating something from nothing. I love that. I sutdy art all my life . It is a God given talent. My writing ability came from my mother and the artistry came from my dad. I'm always searching for new ideas in creating. Anyone got some? Has anyone heard of Zentangle? it is a from of amazing designs drawn in pencil, outlines in black magic markers then colored in color markers or colored pencils.. That too is all laft up to the mind to design whatever is on the mind in design. It is called Tangling. I taught it to my friend and now she tangles. Seconds to learn and amazing creations. You can get also books on Tangling at hobby stores. I like tracing anything , like vases, animals, a hand ,anything and then tangle ithe inside with designs and color it in. Try it, and have fun.
This sounds like fun Raindancer.  Thanks for posting it.  I googled it and I am going to make this my Winter project.  We will share with each other. I am going to be out of the Country during August so everything is on hold now until Fall.

Have seen this, but with my hands would not try.  Do design and create specialty cards, used to some colourings with alcohol markers, now going back to watercolours for some.  Let us know how you do with the Zentangle.
I'm an acrylic and water colour artist.  I like to combine so called fantasy with realism.  So I paint nature and...faeries etc...the combination is to say that all "realms" of life can live together in harmony.  I have illustrated a small publication and done commissions for folks who like this idea.  It is nice to see this thread in the forum.  As I am relatively new to the site I haven't really explored this part much so I was very pleased when I found this.  Well done on your creative talents girls...fern