Who finds this time of year very difficult due to our children having become estranged to us parents. Does anyone have a solution on how to cope with this loss and how to respond to other parents who may ask us if we had all our family over the holidays?
Foxie, if you are still around I want to say I have just come through it..and have been for the last 20 years.  Absolutely horrible !!  You would think I would be used to it after 20 years but it doesn't work that way. Next year I am going to take a vacation somewhere and come back when it is over. Maybe Vegas as it will keep me busy losing my money, lol

Let us know how you did.  :D
Hello Foxiest63

I could not even imagine how it must be to be estranged from your children .... Hugs to you x
I would not even take it upon myself to advise your loss and how to deal with it at family holidays and special dates and occasions .. I can only imagine people in the same situation can be supportive and offer their advice ... I sincerley hope you find a solution to your heartbreak and may find peace one day .... My thoughts are with you x