scrummy wrote: Not me Star, only Morton can,
She is like Mary Magdelen and Madonna, (no, not the singer) 
All in 1, she is trying to change it into wine as well,

PLZ, Anyone, dont take offence, its not blasphemy, just a giggle. 

LOL, oh scrummy, it would be interesting to find out if she did.
:lol: at least my pee is pure,  I don't know about the wine I don't drink it . but I did lie a little I did not lick the holy water I drank some  :roll:  at least my head won't spin a round  and I know now am not evil  :lol:   no offense to anyone about the holy water it was just me being curious   :) x
Imagine being in bed with Morton,
And the bed rises up and jerking about,
It brings a whole new meaning to, Did the Earth move for you. 
So, is that your secret fantasy Scrummy, being in bed with Morton? :shock:
scrummy wrote: Imagine being in bed with Morton,
And the bed rises up and jerking about,
It brings a whole new meaning to, Did the Earth move for you. 

Wonder if she does the healing with illness for others? Holy Water is suppose to do wonders once you lay your hands on someone. :wink:

psssst, nothing wrong with a little bit of biblical humor, if you sat in church and listen to the start of a sermon, you would be surprise at some priest, minister or whom ever start the sermon with a little humor, or even a biblical one.
Dont really have fantasies Gwn,
Kinda prefer a good laugh, anyway she's a screamer,
When she shouts YES   YES   YES, 
It can be heard across The Mersey.

All Together Now,
So Ferry cross The Mersey,
We can hear Morton cry, 
OMG  Scrummy you told me the bedroom was sound proof  :oops: I wondered why the men from Merseyside keep smiling at me  :lol:
So I Lied, Big deal,
It was worth it to see that grin on your face,
A couple of additional mental disorders I have that I've thus far neglected to mention.

So why don't y'all Imagine it's the year 1916...I'm an organ grinder (Gypsy, the worst kind)...and my cute little Rhesus friend, with his bellboy's uniform and cap, is going around to y'all...holding out a metal cup. Kindly contribute some pity.

Hate Shopping Disorder (a.k.a. Hate Stores Disorder). I'd love to have a butler and be able to tell him: go shopping, hey. 'Cause I hate shopping. Is that irrational? Yes. Just like TV ads, they are all there for my benefit. In fact...what would life be without 250,000 or so stores close to me? Primitive, at best. My butler might ask: shop for what, sir? To which I'd reply: Whatever. Knock yourself out. Just don't bring that stuff back here.

Bubble Obsession Disorder. That can keep me in the bathtub for well over an hour. I dunno what my record is, but at least three hours. Then so much hand wrinkle it hurts. Yow...what did I do to myself? I dumb fell asleep in the tub, that's what. something even dumber, why not. The thing is...I find bubbles utterly spellbinding. The soft soothing delicate feel of them...the remarkable rainbow look of them...the soft soothing delicate sound of them...ever so slowly, quietly whisper-popping.... It's about the gentlest sound there is. It can soothe one right to sleep. Then a while later you wake up and it's c-c-cold. Brrrrr. Therein lies the disorderedness of it.
LOL Rod, it almost like you are in the worst kind of ways, life must be pretty simple for ya, do you sleep alot?
Simple? Stardaisy: if you had even half the disorders I have, you wouldn't find life simple. It's hard to even keep track of 'em all.

I don't sleep any more or less than a normal person. Then the heck would I know what normal is? Seven? Sure, I do seven. And five. And ten. Sometimes three. Occasionally twelve. That's when all my disorders get cancelled, temporarily. I just chainsaw 'em away...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... Then...TIMBER!!! Do you ever have a dream where giant trees are falling all around you? I'm used to it, but I'm sure it would panic some people.
:lol: Welcome to my world Rod,  you can try a bubble a machine but to be honest its not the same, a fish tank is relaxing to some, trying that myself but it causes more stress unless you keep it simple. I could never figure out what being normal means, I don't think I like normal  :lol: I do get told more often than not, mostly by my family.   wait for it,   no that's to cruel to let you wait  this what they say   ' why can't you just be normal '   :shock:  my reply  is how can I be normal if I don't know what normal is   :?  ' be like me they say '  my answer,   no thanks I like being me  :D  the truth is they would not have me any other way but they just won't admit it  :roll:  an example  Mothers Day,  what would you like for mothers Day mum ?   oh oh I know can I have a new jigsaw ?  reply  'are you serious Mum why can't you have flowers, chocolates,or perfume like normal mothers '   :shock:  why the hell ask me then  :lol:.   I wrote all this just to see if I can be boring  :lol:  even though it is true   :D  what I wrote I mean x
On a more serious note. antidepressants medication sometimes giving to treat anxiety disorder. so you go to the doctors he/she gives you the medication you go home and read the leaflet. it states if you are depressed you can sometimes have thoughts of harming or killing yourself. these may be increased when first taking the medication. since these medicines all take time to work, usually about two weeks but sometimes longer  :shock:  so you have to wait two weeks or more to find if it works, would you want to take that chance would you let someone you know take that chance?  well it depends if you like them or not  :lol:. sorry I did say I was going to be serious. why the hell would a doctor etc, describe this type of medication to a patient, did they read the leaflet?  hell no they could not have. so after reading all that when you get home you ask yourself what was the point in going the doctors in the first place and as for your anxiety its just got worse  :x
Mort, before my husband died, he was once given some pills by our GP and one of the side effects was sudden death :roll: they went straight in the bin
gwynnie and mort they put all those things on there just to protect themselves from being sued.  the chance of one of the more serious issues might only be 1/4 % in a million people. i have family in the drug business and this is what he explained to me. just thought you might like to know that. sorry for interrupting your conversation.