Cyberverna, no apology necessary, that's what the forums are for, just jump in :D .
As far as the warnings on drugs are concerned, I know that most people do not get all or even any of the side effects, but would you really like to take a chance on one that could cause sudden death?
some days I would Gwynnie.  :lol: most of the time I wouldn't, you are right.
You know Rod, when you are sleeping, it is a peaceful world, a world with no worries. Dreaming? Well is it real or not? are you really dreaming? or just think that you are dreaming?

Slumberland is a peaceful place where there are no disorder so to speak.
morton1 wrote: :lol: Welcome to my world Rod,  you can try a bubble a machine but to be honest its not the same, a fish tank is relaxing to some, trying that myself but it causes more stress unless you keep it simple. I could never figure out what being normal means, I don't think I like normal  :lol: I do get told more often than not, mostly by my family.   wait for it,   no that's to cruel to let you wait  this what they say   ' why can't you just be normal '   :shock:  my reply  is how can I be normal if I don't know what normal is   :?  ' be like me they say '  my answer,   no thanks I like being me  :D  the truth is they would not have me any other way but they just won't admit it  :roll:  an example  Mothers Day,  what would you like for mothers Day mum ?   oh oh I know can I have a new jigsaw ?  reply  'are you serious Mum why can't you have flowers, chocolates,or perfume like normal mothers '   :shock:  why the hell ask me then  :lol:.   I wrote all this just to see if I can be boring  :lol:  even though it is true   :D  what I wrote I mean x

If someone told you that you are not normal, then you can tell them that they are not normal either, it is a two way street. :wink:

If your children tell you to be normal or to be like normal Mum, tell them that not all Mums have flowers, tell them that you are normal in a unque way. And that they know it is you as there are no dupes of you, so you are a normal unque Mum :D
:lol:  Thanks star I don't do normal, it hypes up the anxiety more I will stick with the new word am unique I like that better  :lol: 
Well, I think you are normal, so normal in a unique way would be fine by me :D
I would be upset if anyone thought of me as "normal" but agree with Morton, unique sounds much better  :D :D :D
:lol: That is the different between Canadain and UKians. :wink:
stardaisy wrote: are you really dreaming? or just think that you are dreaming?

Now there's a stumper. Shrug. If that was on a test...blew that one. Or maybe I just dreamed that I took that test? :-)

I follow the world of physics and (blankity-blank censored), you'd think some of the theoreticians were dreaming in technicolor while flat-out hammered on LSD.'s all a projection from the two-dimensional outer boundary of the expanding universe...just as a black hole carefully keeps all its information on the event horizon, like a good librarian, so no book ever gets lost, despite they're all VAPORATING. Are you dreaming this, or am I? Or have the high-brow physicists so screwed reality that no one will ever sort it out now? I dream of a time when things made sense, and Humpty Dumpty was one egg, instead of scrambled and blowed up. How 'bout you? :-)

From reading in science magazines about how the brain operates...I learned something quite fascinating recently. How neurons work...together...collectively...bears a strong resemblance to ant colony behavior.

No ant is in charge. No ant ever gives an order to another. Yet they work together, collectively, extremely efficiently.

I see that very interesting scientific finding as further reason to reject the hierarchal, pyramid system humans devised long ago. Our so-called 'leadership' system does not work well, as the current geopolitical chaos and growing environmental problems attest.

I said: I think Asian carp are smarter than humans. But I can reasonably up that to ants are smarter than humans. They have a better system. Whether it's ants or our own's the same operating system. But that isn't the one at play in politics, geopolitics and that crap.

Ant behavior depends on (1) the frequency of contact with others and (2) odors exchanged...principally from antenna contact. Their tiny brains can distinguish between several hundred different scents. To my mind, that implies a fairly substantial language. In 1930, Charles Ogden came up with Basic English, which was an 850 word list. Anyone who knows those few hundred words knows most of it. So imagine a molecular language that has about half as many words, as Basic English. That's Ant language.

Scents trigger algorithms in their little minds that have been built up over millions of years. I can see it in computer raw data and what data can cause to happen. For example, if the data is greater than or less than some value...or equal to some value...that's one example of nested logic. Data can control a program, in terms of how it operates.

In the same the human brain...the number of electrical signals from other neurons - (analogous to contacts with other ants) - triggers a response, or output - or not. Output depends on stimulus plus each neuron's built-in algorithms...constructed from molecules...guided by DNA. Such elaborate machinery...but all based on very simple principles. Today it's known that cells are molecular machines.

In neurons, one input alone may not trigger a response...but several inputs together do trigger a response. In the same way...isolated contact with an ant bearing a certain scent may not trigger a response, in a particular ant...but repeated contact with ants bearing that scent will alter its behavior.

Am I dreaming...that ants have minds? Is this post evidence of yet another disorder...of the myriad I have? Let me tell magazines can really mess with your mind. To the point where...shrug shrug shrug shrug.... Do you know you're dreaming when you're dreaming? What if in your dream, the person you are dreaming you dreaming? A dream within a dream. Is that messed up or what?

Somehow our primitive ant minds manage to perform sophisticated tasks, like imagining, or imagining while asleep...which we call dreaming. I say primitive ant minds because...none of it is appreciably more complex than what goes on in the mind of an ant, at the root level. It's just the number of cells in our brains is enormously greater. So that allows much greater complexity. Except for the people who are dumb as ducks...of course.

In many-to-one - many inputs equal one output - right there you have voting...filtering...and the basis for how very simple gives rise to complex. The simple being a chemical change in the gap between cells. Flood the gap with ions....current flows.

Brain asleep... dreaming...I think of as some of the filters are turned off. So...dreams can be quite bizarre. As an adolescent/young dreams were occasionally right off the Cracker scale. One trapped in a huge rail yard (with hundreds of tracks)...truly the rail yard from Hell...lotta trains moving in it, of was night...dark...and I was being chased there by two males, both carrying spears...and hurling them at me. A father and son, no less. Not people I knew. Strangers. I recall, the son wasn't so much into it...but the dad was. Freud? WTF???? As an dreams are more infrequent and humdrum. Boring.

stardaisy wrote: Slumberland is a peaceful place

Yes, agreed. Generally for me too. Thankfully, the spear-chuckers never showed up again. On the positive side...they missed. Because I prudently hid behind a rail car.
morton1 wrote: you can try a bubble machine but to be honest its not the same

What the hell is a bubble machine? Where might I find one? It sounds like...I gotta get me one of those. If it makes bubbles...hey, sold.

But I hope you don't mean a little plastic hoop and a bottle of soap. 'Cause (a) that isn't a machine and (b) I'm beyond that phase. That's like a few dozen bubbles...maybe big, but not impressive. If a bubble machine - (whatever that is) - can produce millions of bubbles.... Can it? 'Cause that would impress me.

I can imagine leaving one running day and night. Then...hey guess what, folks. In the past 24 hours, I've made billions of bubbles. Seriously.

Could be scary, I guess. Like...I dang bubbled myself outta my place and caused someone to pull the fire alarm. Then fire department was...WTF is this? (Oops.)
I am wondering if Morton is referring to something like this?

Or maybe this?
:lol: Rod they do make bubble machines,  DJ use them for parties etc. no not like the the little stick we use to have as children, they still have them ones though.  Star  2nd image is an example of a  bubble machine. Star we have them big bubble things in our town center sometimes. :lol:  I always wanted to have ago but what do you think my girls said   when I said I would love ago of one of them  :cry: they use them on water as well.  Hey fullofhumour  thinking of getting a T shirt with  ' Am not normal   Am unique '   do you want me to get you one  :lol: we can wear them when we meet up  :D.    Back to Rod , Have ever watched Nemo  the film?.  there is a part were all the fish are in a tank with a little toy chest that opens and closes to let bubbles out. their is one fish every time it opens it wraps its fins around it and says' bubbles, bubbles,  my bubbles  ' or something to that effect, just reminds me of you  :lol:  in a good way  I mean.
don't let your girls ruin your fun Mort :wink:
:lol: am waiting for fullofhumour to come to Liverpool, and it will be WOO WOO time  :lol:  just hope people get out the way in time  :shock: