A member in this site demand to see my photo ID, I didn't give it to him because I know better, this is how Identity theft comes in. There is no way on God's green earth he is getting my photo ID.

He will leave you his e mail address so he can get you off site to do his tricks into getting the info he wanted for his "Identity Ttheft".


Yes he got me upset this morning and previous times. this trigger my attack

I am not that dense lol.
Thank you Daisyjean! I am not one for giving out personal info for any reason, or proving to anyone I am who I say I am, over a phone, or internet. It is nice to be reminded and made aware that it can happen.
I recently had someone on another site ask me a lot of questions about my birthday, place of birth, etc, Luckily I didn't give them exact information (not lying- just generalized the year, place of birth, etc.) After that convo he didn't return my messages. I believe he had created a false id on that site in order to get info from women in order to steal their identity. It wasn't until after he didn't return my messages that I realized I had almost been a victim of identity theft. We have to get the word out to all the members that this is happening and to be very careful that - even an innocent question like "when is your birthday" can be used along with place of birth, etc, for thieves to take advantage of us. All of us. Not just the women on dating sites. I'm sure there are just as many women out their doing the same thing!
It is very important that we follow the tips given on this site, as well as our own instinct. Many folks are not sincere or honest. We ( both women and men) MUST be vigilant!

Kudos in not sharing your info :D :D