Hi. Just wondered if we had any budding photographers in the house at all ?. I'm by no means anywhere near a professional, just more in the experimental stage really. I began many years ago, with an old, very cheap Practika 35ml, with various filters, and vowed that i would never be persuaded to 'move with the times', and go digital. However, once i caught a glimpse of what could be achieved with these modern cameras, i'm afraid the temptation was too great. I have quite a few programmes on my laptop that allows me to 'tinker' here and there. I prefer landscape pictures along with wildlife, and living in an area which is quite good for both, there's always plenty of room for improvement. Anyway, just wondered if anyone would care to exchange ideas, or photographs etc. I've not been really into it all that long, so please don't go blinding me with science will you, lol. Thanks for reading.
Hi I am into photography. Taking course or workshop will only improve and give you guidance on this. It is fun and a very nice hobby if nothing else...
I have played around with photography since my parents let me use ther Brownie camera. Been thorugh all kinds of cameras and then digital grabbed me hard :)

I took a couple courses at our local college and it was the best thing I did. I learned about better lighting etc... Makes me experiment with shots more.

I do not go anywhere without a camera. I am my friends, work and church unofficial photographer and love ecery moment of it.

What kind of camera did you get? I have the photo software too but try hard not to use it. Classes helped me reduce the need to touch up pictures,.
Postman, I echo both ladies' advice to take a class. It will help focus you (pardon the pun). But thereafter the best advice I've been given is to use our camera to the full extent of it capabilities. Forget the automatic setting, go manual and take shots whilst playing with the different settings. And above all, enjoy it. 
I,m not a professional and I still cling to the film camera Canon*EOS 3 with various auto-focus lenses. I also use digital (Canon G10). The (amateur)Photographer mag. UK used do a course on film but I think they may have discontinued it in favour of digital. I found that course a great help for beginners to understand the workings of a film camera and the technicques involved in composing your shots. A local camera club is also a good place to learn from as they would organise fieldtrips and have forums
as well as competitions . I hope this is of help to you.

Regards anchorman
Hi not into the science of it dont have much equipment but seem to turn out great photos...always been interested but never really taken it up proper I like to view unusual light settings :idea: ..I go for what I can see in an artistic composition and unusual aspects and views...I even compose abstract compositions..Jo
Like playing an instrument - photography kind of grabs you and it seems to take forever to improve but there are those times where you get it right, and that is the motivation to keep on trying. I agree with putting the camera on a manual setting and having at least two or three different lenses. I use a Nikon and especially like the 105 mm lens. There is so much I don't know about photography and many times believe that I just got lucky with certain shots. Lighting is key. I shoot in natural light since I have not managed to figure out artificial lighting and when I try, end up getting a cast that I don't like. Nikon has an excellent inexpensive 50mm lens that you can do a lot with. If you set the aperture at 1.8 you can focus in on one thing and blur out the background. I have also read about bokeh imagery where you can cut out a shape on construction paper and put it in front of the lens, then shoot into lights and get that shape cascading throughout the image. There are some amazing photos on flickr. Also, as far as lessons go - there is a great deal that can be learned on the Internet, youtube and google without the cost of lessons. It depends on whether you prefer to learn on your own or have classroom guidance. I guess the drawback is that when you learn on your own, you might develop bad habits - I don't know, I probably have plenty.
All I can afford is an HP M527 digital but it doesn`t take bad pics. I got a good pic of a sunset on lake Ontario that turned out really good that I plan on putting on canvas and making it into 3 pieces. I wanted to do something different then the usual ho hum frame.

I`m not able to get out much anymore since my arthritis has gotten so bad now.
Sandra, I once read that there is an outstanding photograph inside 10feet from  you. I had Sciatica for 6 months so I know how pain can restrict movement.So, use your space and use you imagination and I bet you could come up with some cool arty and abstract work.
Hi, I'm new here but not to photography. I used to be professional with a bag full of SLRs and lenses but a back injury keeps me from lugging around a lot of weight, I didn't do any for a few years, but about 10 years ago I happened upon digital and found a beautiful Olympus. I'm like some of you here, I have a few programs but prefer to just shoot what I see. If it doesn't turn out like I want I go and shoot it again. I'm in a small rural area so I don't have to go far to get a myriad of wildlife, water and sunsets, A new canvas shop just opened in our town yesterday and I spent a long time talking to the owner. He is in agreement about not needing all the fancy stuff, A good basic digital can give you wonderful pictures if you really get to know your camera and all it's settings. Going off automatic gets you amazing pics. I also have fibromyalgia so I can sympathize about the limitations, but there really is a lot to take right around you no matter where you are. Thanks for listening. I hope this wasn't too long.
I have posted some piccies of the Skelligg Michael climb in my Gallery ,if you care to have a look. You can Google Skelligg Michael as to its history. I,ll leave it online for a week and then change the series for one of the tallships 2011 out of Waterford .

I like photogrphy and practise and take my camera every where I go. it is a nice thing to share our photos and give advice of what we know.

Can we post some here of my country, and how?

caper98 wrote: Hi I am into photography. Taking course or workshop will only improve and give you guidance on this. It is fun and a very nice hobby if nothing else...

L have canon SX30is and I find it difficult to shot in the night and fireworks with M

carmela58 wrote: I like photogrphy and practise and take my camera every where I go. it is a nice thing to share our photos and give advice of what we know.

Can we post some here of my country, and how?


You can add an attachment to posts here, including photos! Just click on "upload attachment" at the bottom
Like others I started with a Brownie. At one time thought of doing it seriously but glad I did not. I do not like photographing people unless the face tells a story like an old fisherman.

Many have stated some of my work brought tears to their eyes (must be real sensitive I think) and others state when they see my work they feel like they were there.

Come see my work at http://photosbygrumpy.net and tell me what you think