Does anyone play pickleball?  Just discovered it and just wanted to pass on a message that it is so much fun.   Combo between tennis badminton and pingpong.
My problem is that I don't know anyone to play with?    Anyone here live on Vancouver Island? 
It's really big here in SW Ontario - except in Woodstock. The City built a bunch of courts and they sit empty, yet in London and other places people are lined up to get on them.
Pickleball has become very popular in New York. Great game and so much fun.
Hi does anyone in the Philly area play pickle ball ? Fun game but I am new to the game and interested in gathering some people to play with !!
Just shoot me an note if you live in the suburbs of Philly and are interested in putting together some people to play :) Diane
Anyone want to play in Tucson AZ?

Kino sports complex, ... ll-courts/
Can I be a pickle ball cheer leader? Only when not in play of course...
rah rah rah sis boom bah
everyone play PICKLEBALL ha ha ha
I was there in Philly I' :D d play with you