Addictive Words

Like a heroin addict, longing for the next fix
I sit here rereading words you never meant
Your lies can’t be melted in a flame heated spoon
Then shot up to disguise the ghastly untruth,
Lending momentary satiety, for desires I crave
While watching the facade fade slowly away,
Your meaningless jargon completely erased,
There’s simply no means to swathe this pain ... Poinsa5957
Oh, Poem...You are so talented...Whew!
Thank you so much rainy! 
A well written poem which scans well and I like the metaphor comparing pain but for me the word "swathe" seems slightly out of place and seems a tad pretentious. I feel a simpler word such as "kill" or a synonym for it would work better. I really like the penultimate line. Just my honest opinion.
I read a lot of poetry but I do not have the imagination to write it. My wife does though and has had several published internationally in the past.
Thank you Graham! My use of the word swathe is because I am seeking comfort and it relates to one of the most comforting things in life. Wrapped, protected, calmed, cared for as a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes feels. That would be closest to feeling free from pain to me. I appreciate your feedback.
How come people never write happy poems?  They all seem to be about tragedy and loss.
Sally, If I put some of my poems up here,
Some would demand an exorcism. 

Heres one, Oh Darling Grace, i love your face,
I Love U in your nightie, but when the moonlight flits across your

Enuf Already,

Theres more to it,
we used to say it going to school,
Yup, even bak den , i was a bit,   Uknow. 
I only know one poem and I can't print it here but it's about a man from Nantucket.

My grandfather's favourite poem was only two lines long:

Willy Rose sat on a pin.

Willy rose. 
Mustangsally wrote: How come people never write happy poems?  They all seem to be about tragedy and loss.

Hey Sally,
See if this one meets your "happy criteria"? You may have to copy and paste it into your address bar.
Wizard, ... d#p3429536