The Quintessential New York Experience (Redux)
 I once stood,
 Shaking and bewildered In Madison Square Garden train station,
 - Somewhere - Lost underground
And being skirted round
By dozens of New Yorkers
Hell, they are fast and pushy walkers!
 I did not know where to go
And then came up to me,
Wid orange hair,
A sweet friend.

“Ol’ man, where dju wan go? I seen yu, all confused like – Now, wher’ dju wanna go? Tell Tashawanee, where so?”
 “Get my ticket changed,” I said. “Was on the wrong train . . .”
She smiled: “Network screw up,” she said.
“Honey, let me take you through.” So she took my elbow Lead me about, Through crowds and Round and about Up an’ down An’ in an’ out.
 Then she said;
“There yu go, hon,
Buy your ticket there.”
 I came back to her so very grateful.
And then she told me
The most pitiful story:
She was alone in life,
Abandoned by four husbands
Working six jobs in strife
To support nine children,
In a tenement block due for demolition
And all her kids was so hungry
And some was only babies,
And she did not even have a dime
To buy them candy at lunch time.
 And she told me, she was not one of “dem dose street bums,” Who prey on tourists from outta town. No, sweet Jesus, she was good, And lived down in the hood Where ev’rybody knew her as Orange Ridin Hood ‘Count of her orange hair and demeanor spare –
 But, Could I spare a dollar or two…?
“But, I’ve only got a twenty,” I said, brandishing a note. “That’s okay darlin’ – that will do.” The twenty disappeared rapidly from sight And so did she, back into the night. And man, I felt real good - Now THAT Was the real New York experience! --------------------------------------------------
  Author notes - See more at: ... S7xxS.dpuf   (this IS A PERFECTLY TRUE STORY)
thank you for sharing
I thoroughly enjoyed the poem....made me I could see myself in new York crowd...
Love it ,x