Poem to a stranger

A stranger is a friend not met
Maybe on the internet
Lot’s we meet but rarely find
A kindred spirit same frame of mind

A stranger could be here or there
Fate decides it doesn’t care
A stranger could be near or far
Around the corner or need a car

I sit and wonder who you’ll be
Are you young or old like me
Are you a woman or a man
We’ll still be friends or that’s the plan

I send this poem out to you
And hope you see it yes I do
A stranger is a friend not met
Or at least not quite yet.

sorry to have posted this one twice but realised late I had added it to another poem lol
Drifter this is great.  Thank you so much.  I will copy it to my computer, but I will put your name under it as the author ok.  You did that quickly, the words must just flow out of you.  Thanks again. I love it.
“There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet.”
William Butler Yeats

Amazing quote, and nice to see it again. Most people have forgotten about Yeats, but his words spoken so long ago, still ring true today.
opps did not know the quote LadyL but ty for pointing it out
maybe I should read more lol :D
glad you liked it sandy22
I have others on here if your interested to search for them lol
I read them already.   They are lovely.  Before I asked you for this one I had a good idea you could do it.   Thanks again.  I will treasure this.
your welcome :D