No, not in the mail, but here!
Lots of us have a faithful friend. Let's show 'em off. I'll go first, this is Jazz, my Toy Poodle.

That dog is very bewildered looking,
Gwn, If I posted a pic of my fav pet,
No1 would see it. 

All the way to the Mooooon! :lol:
Good idea Gwyn
Here is my buddy Ty

I can't post photos , don't know how to yet lol,mind you I don't have a camera unless I chase them round with my laptop, hey thats a thought I think I will give it ago, lovely dogs gywn, and free, lol Scrummy  we all know what your pet is  :lol: thats why you can't show it you would get banned .just joking  :lol: DF, do you not have a pet ? and I don't mean like Scmmy's pet. going to chase the dogs with my laptop in a bit  :D
Beautiful photo of Ty Live. :D
Something smells fishy though, I get the feeling that's not Jenna DF :?:
Scrummy probs has fleas and too ashamed to share 'em :lol: :lol:
Don't think you men are taking this seriously :roll:
Jenna :)

Buddy turn 8 today

Bear will be 5 on January 4th

Angel will be 10 on March 15

And her Brother Damon will be the same age
All lovely pics,  :D
I have 4 young cats. 3 female cats and 1 male cat as I start to breed on them to make people happy and to have visits in my home and when they are in my home I am witness about GOD when it comes naturally when we speak.

It still take some months before the breeding start and I hope to could move before that where GOD lead me.


I have just bought this little cute boy kitten from Germany.


One of the kitten


the second kitten female


Mother cat but she is only 2 years old.
Awwww lovely Eva ... they all look happy and healthy.. they are so cute !!
Your cats are beautiful Eva.  Thank you for showing us.  
Love this forum. I have 2 wonderful dogs that share their lives with me. My Katy, long-haired chihuahua, is 18 years old and still going strong and my Shiloh, my mixed breed, is 3 years old and a fun and happy dog. Tell me more about all your other pets on here. :D
I don't see anywhere that gives me an option to upload any photos.