Depending on what you have for images, if you don't have any programs with images you are seeking, then just use your search engine, Google, Bing, Yahoo, what ever, type in what you are seeking, for example, Sunshine images, then that page will take you to all sorts of Sunshine images. But you need to save them on your computer somewhere and remember where you save them so that you can search for it when using

Hope this is helpful :D
Actually, you DON'T have to save them to your computer. If you right-click (windows) on the graphic, choose "Copy Image Location" you can usually just use the picture's address (and paste where needed) instead of saving the entire file on your computer. I posted about this in another thread....abd, as Star implies, there ARE several ways to do it.

Have a look at

If it work for you that way ( DaddyFish instructions), go for it, but it don't work that way with me. I tried every possible way and still no go.