Daisy, you protest too much. Calm down. It's not your fault.
Did anyone tell you that you annoy people?

I have had two scammers sending me smiles already, and wanting my e mail address, ... like over my dead body they are going to get it :P So ya, I have the right to protest :roll:

This is how you can tell they are scammers

Good morning gorgeous, it's very nice to meet you on here. I am not a premium member yet so I'm not able to respond to messages always since there's a limit. My name is Frank and I'd enjoy the chance to know you more. We can exchange contacts if you don't mind so that we can always connect with each other and talk more. You can send me your cell phone # or email address in your response if you have access to google hangouts. I guess it would be easier for us to get along on there and talk more. I will look forward to your reply soon. Have a wonderful day ahead!

You are great person.
Tks Sosa :D So are you :D
Cerburus does not annoy people. lol
tazwriter wrote: Cerburus does not annoy people. lol

It's very kind of you to say so, Taz