You know...regular. Not all stopped up. Who needs a bowel traffic jam? Not me.

Doc warned me today: these two medications can make a person less than regular. Want a third one, to keep you regular? That is not how he put it. He used the frightful C word. (A word that I'm sure makes many people shudder. I'm trying to be polite about it.)

Which means avoiding any reference to LOG JAM or dynamiting a log jam. I could have worked in advertising. "All stopped up?" My gem of a TV ad would depict...the explosion of dynamite in a log jam on a river...then voice-over describing a feeling of relief. Logs are moving again. Happy day for some lucky lumberjack!

I told the doctor: no thanks, I will resort to prunes, apricots, plums...whatever natural keeps one regular. And the dried apricots I bought today ever taste good. Yum. I have yet to 'dig into' the huge black prunes. But probably I'm gonna enjoy them, too. Regularity should taste good, I figure.
Try Merlot jiuce........and I dont mean wine!!
Two medications that cause lack of motility are calcium channel blockers and opiates. This is different than say cheese or bread that are just bulk. 
Docaset sodium trade name colase increases water in the colon and the oil softens the tool.  It works very well. No side effects that I can tell.
Thanks for tips. So far so good.
Alberta health care system recommend that drink water and lots of it, well most of the time it free, and if you get it at home, well you are paying for it after all. Water won't dry up your system Just my two cents worth... :) .
stardaisy wrote: drink water

But of course. That's why my TV ad about the devilish C problem would feature a river. Need flow. Not just boom.
So...liquid yourself up. (If you want your chute to work.)

You know...TV ads are definitely getting more disgusting. I believe the new record is held by: Charmin toilet paper.
This toilet paper will keep your underwear cleaner.
I kid you not; that's how they're selling it these days.
Now I'm waiting for an ad with photographic evidence. Undies A and B...definitely...pair B is cleaner. Not nearly as much smog on 'em. Right up on your screen.
Wait for it, folks. How charming can advertisers be? I know.