Why don't cats fart?
Oh yes they do! :)

Cats are carnivores that feed on mostly high protein-rich foods. This type of diet produces intensely stinky gas because proteins are known to contain a large amount of sulfur which is a particularly odorous chemical.

Cats’ farts are mostly silent, but the odor is unbearable. The reason that their farts are so rarely audible is because the amount of gas they produce is much smaller, but dense and highly concentrated. When cats release gas, their gastrointestinal system has low internal pressure thus the gas comes out slowly and steadily. The muscles on their bottoms don’t close as tightly as that of humans, so it produces less sound, but the most interesting fact is that cats are a lot more relaxed when they fart because passing gas is a norm to them as opposed to an embarrassing moment.


Courtesy/Read more at http://lovemeow.com/2009/11/do-cats-fart/#ARqgpr5ym0BCtZ0g.99

And that Jaffa, is why he won the quiz. Only DF would know stuff like that and give such a detailed answer. Bet you were just expecting a yes or no. :lol:
BTW it must be similar in dogs as the odour of their farts is bad too. Silent but deadly :lol: :lol:
Sorry to say, but I DID google that one!

It was all fair play in the quiz on Sunday though - the questions were mostly easy for me. I'm sure it won't always be that way for the the doubters, whom I've already heard from :)

Tut tut, copy and paste and not even a credit. Mmmm now who else does that? :lol: :lol:

And who doubted you? Certainly not me, I KNOW you are a genius. :D
Laughing here at you two...
So when it's just been Tessa and me in a room ..no farts or the smelling of them,because of course women like (I thought cats) don't fart :P  

Now wondering Fishy I know you are too clever to cut and paste such a long answer in the quiz as it might be a tad suss :P

PS thank you for the explanation