I spent most of my life believing I could do nothing with my hands. It was like having sausages for fingers lol. My father was an electrician and an impatient man and whenever I helped him I tended to mess up and get criticised so I simply gave up I guess.

Now I am 57 I have found a new lease of life in recycling. And no, NOT hoarding, although it could easily become so.

I read an article or two about 6 months ago on Pinterest and decided to try recycling. I was throwing out a lot of stuff at the time and wondered whether some of it might be reusable.

Cut to the chase.

Now I recycle paper, card, some plastics, wood and metal. I make stone from milk, melt plastics into different forms, accumulate ingots of precious metals (gold, silver, copper, bronze, aluminium) and take things apart to find these things and to make my own simple tools.

For instance yesterday I found a microwave (very clean and bagged) at a bottle bank site just dumped there. I took it home and broke it down.

I now have the steel casing which I shall strip of paint and use as a furnace for melting as it is excellent for the purpose. This will melt my metals easily with a blowtorch and form my ingots more easily. The blowtorch is not an expense either as I first got a pen blowtorch on ebay from china for 99p including postage! After I had sold on some bits and bobs I then bought a bigger and better version with the profits.

I also have an inner part which effectively is ideal as a small burner for tea lights which will help me with melting my plastics. I started melting with a hairdryer which only worked with some types and then again with profits, bought a heat gun which is great.

The screen door has been kept too as it has an exceptionally fine mesh and I will use this to create frit (fine, coloured, powdered glass) for artwork and stained glass work.

I will sell the powerful transformer online and another part locally and will expect to fetch at least £5 to £10. I will also sell the two large and powerful magnets, for perhaps another £5. I have also recovered masses of copper wire, a gold containing small motherboard, various brackets and fixings and about a hundred screws, nuts and bolts. All for free.

I buy regularly on ebay and never ever spend more than 99p. I have bought a large screen tv, a lot of 5 printers, another lot of 2 printers, a sky box and a dvd player for 99p or less with most of these being 1p and I collect locally.

Best deal I did was to buy 34 car audio units from a dealership for 1p. I collected from 1 mile away. Numerous motherboards, screws, nuts, bolts, speakers, magnets, copper wire, gold, aluminium, plastics. Kept me recycling for a month and made my first profits as I sold 5 small copper ingots and 9 small aluminium ingots for a totalof £25. That alone bought my first blowtorch and a great second hand heat gun!

Subsequent sales have enabled me to buy a jig-saw to cut wood and thin metal, an electric screwdriver, a couple of storage units, a range of parts bins and a workbench. All in 6 months.

And, I love taking things apart, learning about what's inside, how it all works, using my imagination to make moulds and to melt forms and to discover I can use my hands.

Even though I have made sales I still have several ice cream tubs full of copper wire, a 3 foot high box filled to the brim with motherboards, magnets, motors and gold cables. My tools and equipment grow as does my success. I now have an understanding of many electrical items and know what to look for and how to get it safely.

Thoroughly absorbing hobby, good learning, easy to get stuff, growing your tools and equipment and profitable too. I have just formed my first 6" long x 1" wide x 1" deep gold ingot and will be accumulating these now towards my eventual retirement fund.And I already have enough gold to make at least 2 more.

If you haven't fell asleep yet and want any further info,please contact me and I'd be glad to help in any way. :-)