lulu1107 wrote: I recently ended a 6 week online correspondence with someone (we both did, actually). He and I enjoyed talking about our respective lives and began to get close and I know we both developed a friendship for each other. As time went on I realized he was not ready for the kind of relationship I needed and seemed to be more of a casual dater who, perhaps wanted to be more serious with someone but It wasn't me ( distance was a factor), or perhaps the timing was off. Do you believe it is possible for two people who have invested time in online correspondence to become friends, in spite of the fact that they have discovered that their original hopes for a dating relationship will not be realized? I think that, once the initial hurt from the transition subsides, that friendship IS possible. What are your thoughts and experiences with this all too common situation?

Yes, I believe that it is possible to become online/offline friends after discovering there will not be a dating relationship - more so than if you actually were dating/lovers first! In this last instance, the pain is just too much to overcome such a transition - I know first hand. My suggestion: never give up looking for that special relationship, even during this transition.
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