Anyone interested in seeing the tiny vehicles I build? I model 1/87 scale vehicles, boats, buildings anything really. It is the official scale of HO model railroads but I don't do the train thing. The average passenger car would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 1/4 inches long in this scale. Have a look at some of my vehicles here: ... t=3&page=1
Hi Chester
Wonderful work!, precise and detailed. I build facsimiles of antique vehicles but on a larger scale.
My projects range from @9 inches to @40 inches. You can see some of my work on the member's list.

Amazing Main....
and if I remember rightly  Wanderer you make incredible soap sculptures of bridges, would be nice to see some pictures on here..
as  child with two older brothers..I noticed a total lack of models for girls to build  !!!
wonder if it has changed over the years...
very gender specific..
boys models (which I loved doing )
girls crafts(also loved).
would love to work with wood and iron..maybe hobbies for when I retire... . 
Hell there jaffe33 from Hollywood,Fl USA. As far as scale models for girls, there really aren't any per say. I have been a model railroader since the early 70. And I can tell you the ladies that do model (minority) are excellent modelers,because they take time. So go out find something you want to model and go for it start with something simple and go from there.  :)
Hello maingent just a line to correct your statement about the size of  an HO  scale passenger car.  There more like 8" to 11" long , depeneding on if its a scale 75' or 85' car. :)