Scammers can't take a message when they keep getting booted out. They got nothing better to do with their time, their life must be so boring that they have send us message with their e mail address. Their name are red flag at all financial institutions. No matter how hard they try to get you to send them money, they won't get it.Western Union and other money wire won't do it either, they have a system that allow them to know that they are scammers and no money will get into their hands. They leave you their e mail address or ask for yours, it not safe because you can subscribe to "Domain" address, this allow them to find out what your e mail address is and hack into your computer.

It can be annoying, but patient goes a long way and you will be safe with the Admin of this site doing their job of keeping scammers out.
Seems like every individual I meet on line turns out to be a scammer... its's getting so I can hardly trust anyone I meet on line . I am sure that are some very nice and real men out there ... but where are they? I just want a nice friendship that can turn into a great relationship ...