I recently got ill and can not go walk any more nor leave my house , so I have a hard time taking care of daily tasks. Are any of you in similar situations and what is your experience?

Thank you

I'm in USA....so this likely won't apply to you. .. But...Check with your insurance carrier (in my case medicaid and medicare) and ask for help. I have to endure dialysis treatment Mon, Wed and Fridays. I use a volunteer organization (through Grace Ministries. Google volunteer transport on in your area. I'm forced to be picked up to take ne to ny appts but they are unreliable and I have no other option.

Other than that, I wish you luck :D

Hi Chris, have you contacted Social Services? They should be able to help you to cope. Most areas have some kind of community transport if you need help to go out, ask you local council. Your doctor's surgery should also be able to advise you.
Good luck.

Ps. I think DF is referring to something like BUPA if you have it.
Hi Chris 
I am a caregiver and I think in the UK you have similar services to us.
You should be able to  access help for your needs via the hospital, doctor or social services,you are usually given to an agency
From this you will be able to get help in a wide range of areas including personal cares,shopping ,housework,transportation and gardening 
I am not sure which of these are income tested in your country but if you ring Age Concern they probably will have all the significant information  
I have just been down visiting family and my mother has recently moved into an apartment after my fathers death.My brother and his family live close by and  do most things for her but she wanted to hire a cleaner(her income is too high to receive help for free)Do check around as when looking in the yellow pages, she had to hire them for at least two hrs the minimum cost was $90,so I rang age concern and was put onto an Agency down there were it was $33 for 1hr which is all she needs once a fortnight,so if you do have to pay it is worth shopping around,
Last thing the RSA also does transport here really cheaply. 
If you go to church, they usually have volunteers. As well, there are no doubt many agencies in town with volunteers who will help. If you are of an age to join your local senior centre (ours is 55 I think) then they could help as well.