As we age, we do loose a certain degree of hearing, there are a number of factor that can cause this
1. Tinnitus
3. UAT
4. Ear infection
5. diseases
6. loud noises... Just to name a few

Mine is childhood disease, I don't remember being able to hear as I was to young to remember.
You should get your hearing check to see how much of a loss you have to prevent a serious hearing loss, the longer you procrastinate the worst your hearing is. Hearing aide comes in different sizes as mine is the largest/strongest hearing aide on the market and I hate it with a passion. :lol:
Consult your Doctor and see where it will lead you to.

Alberta, you can see your family doctor and he will refer you to Alberta Health hearing test, they can recommend you an Audiologists. They can help you with the kind of hearing aide that will fit your hearing needs.

Some tips