Not sure if any off you are a lover of this dish.
I have it at least once a week. ... mato-sauce
This sound and look good, nope never tried it, will do it when I get the ingredients. Because I am a big fan of tomatoe, I could live on tomatoe alone :lol:
I find it a simple but fulfilling recipe.
Plus there’s hardly any washing up to do.

When you try it please let me know your thoughts.
Ya know what, at first when I see "Shakshuka" I was thinking of Moussaka, haven't made that in a while.

As my friend husband's mother is from Germany, this is the dish she often made when she was alive. very simple dish to make too.

1 lb hamberger
a few potatoes, (depending on the size of pototoes they are)
and one can of dice tomatoes (large can, if not then two small cans will do)
Salt and pepper.

Dice up the onions and celery, add it to the hamberger and mixed, can add other spices like basil, sage and so on. Mix well, put in a cassrole dish put layer of hamberger on the bottom, add slice potatoes, to cover the hamberger, then add some of that can of tomatoes, and repeat the process until the hamberger, potatoes are all in the dish, cover and bake for an hour at 350 degree at leas that it is here the time and temp may vary in different locations. Just keep checking by poking the potatoes with the fork to see if it is done, can add a lay of Mozzarealla or feta cheese one the potatoes are done and bake until the cheese is melted.
Thanks for sharing your recipe.

I’ll give it a go and let you know how it turns out.