I live in Michigan, a beautiful state in all seasons. However I never have really explored this beautiful state and I am very mindful to start. In the upper part of the Peninsula there is a stretch of highway that along that highway is beautiful waterfalls, not just one or two but so many it would take someone 8 hours or longer to visit them all. I love to travel, day trips, over night trips and even trips of a week or two; maybe instead of dreaming of the trips on my bucket list, it may be just as fun and rewarding to explore my home state. There are alot of neat and cool things in Michigan, some I have seen and remember as a child, other places I have only heard of them yet never have gone to see.
Although my summers are crazy and busy with the volunteer work I do, I think some sightseeing in Michigan is in order.
If you have never been to Michigan, there is much to do and some times too much to do. No matter what the state has alot to offer visitors and residents.
HOME is where my heart is.