So how come there are no posts here? Surely someone must think something about the technology that brought us all here. I don't know about anyone one else, but I remember envelopes, stamps, waiting days for the mailman to get an answer to a question. Now we can do it with a few clicks of a little piece of technology. We have now accepted this as the norm and tend to forget the way it used to be. Sites like this one were probably non existent, we can do in seconds what used to take a week. I think that's great, but what about all the choices we have to make now that we never did before. Do we try to bring the same moral and ethical standards to people who can't see us and don't know us. I hope that we do, or at least try to. Online friends should demand the same respect and appreciation as next door friends. This technology is a huge open door for us so onward and upward. Wondering what the next post will bring? :roll:
I agree that we're living in a crazy, fast paced world. During our lifetime we have seen color-tv come into every home, man has walked on the moon, and so much more. Sometimes I think we are moving too fast. We seem to go as far as we can and as fast as we can. I hope we haven't forsaken the long term goal of sustainability for the short term goal of profit by development. Seeing a polar bear in it's natural habitat is on my bucket list. I hope there are still bears out there when I'm ready to go through my list.

great, ..with less clicks I am in contact with peoples around the world.
In future I am going to do this kind of contacts more often.
Sorry for my "english", I have not used it often.
if you are worried about not seeing anymore polar bears ...move to Churchill,Canada......there....they come to see you......(lol)
 You are right about  about mod hi tech losing the personal touch opposed to primitive dog certainly agrees with you.....
 How she misses those morning rituals of charging down the path in hot pursuit with postie clearing the top of the unopened gate by the skin of his  saliva soaked backside....Aaaah....fond  memories of happy days......
 And how I miss the stand-up arguments....the near-punch ups....when the useless,lazy....blankety.....blankety...blank...blank...blank.... has for the third time this week delivered to. my house letters for No.9.
 Oh yes.....
 How I lament the passing of a bygone era
 If you think I have no regard for ethics
 I come from Thuthex.