I suffer with S.A.D. for many years I thought I was just a loaner. But then things started to change. I could only see bad things in most situations and worry about doing things wrong, failure and very hard on myself.
Shopping for food and my chest was fibbulating. The roof was lowering everything became louder and louder... why is everyone looking at me... I think I'm going to die? I sought help with 10 minutes. 
Well that was some time ago. Fortunately things are much better. I love my partner who has basically taken charge of my life. That has released me grow stronger and happier. We are both very happy. I have learnt a lot on living with Anxieties. If your the same and like a friend to chat too let me know. James. Western Australia.
Hi that is a nice thing for you to do,and a good idea to offer your help. I have been there its not nice at all. am glad you have someone to help you. thanks for sharing   :D  
Thank you morton. 
There are many disorder, S.A.D. also Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Which is a known disorder and if you went in search that what you get.

If you want to know more about Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) you have to type all the words in.



I just wanted to say hi and add this piece of information so that people won't get confuse.

Enjoy this site and hope you will find what you are looking for JamesB4Karen.
I suffer social anxiety all my life hate loud noisey atmosphere . I just avoid these situations at this stage in life i accept im differdnt . I am not anxious in say a class am confident not afraid to express an opinion yt many who are confident in a social setting can be lost in a learning environmdnt so i see that we all have strengths and weakness so we need to remind ourselves of our strengths and accept we cant be good at everything . Society is very much about being extrovert . As an introvert one feels in a minority. Extroversism is seen as desirable in western culture but in truth it takes all sorts to make things work . We all have a role to play in life and being introverted finding loud social gatherings a total trial to endure is ok . The real problem is when people fail to understand you dont want to be in the particular situation . I think its a reason some people start to abuse alcohol to make them relaxed less inhibitedto fit in  and years later realize their mistake . No situation is worth being in if hou have to use alcohol to cope. Also i think many older people may have undiagnosed aspergers . 
I suffered mild anxiety all my life but when it turned to SAD, life went down the drain. 10 years of hell. 5 years of study and specialized CBT got rid of it. I wanted to share this CBT but got banned from a number of panic sites for arguing it could be cured without pills. if you type my handle Davit plus anxiety in the search bar you will find some of my information posts from the No more panic site. I and another person put up ten self help information threads that have helped many. Thousands of words on more than SAD, Terry specialized in OCD, and we collaborated on HA. It can be cured. It really can.
I just went to the NMP forums and found the threads under panic attacks but had to go back 20 pages. 
It is interesting reading still.