scrummy wrote: No matter where i go, the 1st person i meet, is Myself,
If i dont like me, it would be hard to get on with others.

Sally's new name is, Musthavesally. 

You're horrible LOL!!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol: I'll have to ask Graham how I can change my profile name.  :lol: :lol:
I Think it's cool, Musthavesally,
anyway it was Gr who suggested it, NOT. 

Say it 3 times,   Musthavesally, Musthavesally, Musthavesally,
Kinda catchy aint it. 
Hi Phyllis is my name from Bonnie Scotland

I learned to travel on my own because my then recent x husband would not travel anywhere.

I have toured  Scotland - Ireland - Wales and met some lovely people only thing being a lone woman can be a threat to some women but that is their problem.

Whats the choice look at four walls - not for me life and fun people are every where its just a journey. 
I am looking for another woman to take cruises with and it is not easy. I am very laid back and like to relax and enjoy my surroundings. I read, swim and enjoy most activities.
I just spent 6 weeks in Germany and Austria doing week-long Pre-booked bike trips and can't wait to do more there or back home in Ontario. Enjoying the scenery, the food, the freedom versus a larger group could only be improved by sharing it with a likewise companion :wink:
i travelled, to the uk last sept. and put out the word, that I was coming. If, any one would be interested to meet for coffee.
However, I think that (you think) that I came from Mars... no one, was interested. so, I just carried on.
I would have loved to meet you last year when you came to UK, especially to visit Coronation Street again but my circumstances did not allow this.
This year has been even worse for me and I am longing to take a holiday......but I can no longer fly!!
I did have a solo trip booked to go to Turkey but alas................
I have traveled alone but find it only makes me more lonely. There is something about being able to share a view, a sunset or sunrise and all that you see with someone. Like other members I am finding traveling alone now tedious.
NSAHO79 wrote: I am looking for another woman to take cruises with and it is not easy. I am very laid back and like to relax and enjoy my surroundings. I read, swim and enjoy most activities.

I am also looking for someone to cruise with - just depends on where you are going. I am pretty much like you read a lot and am pretty non-demanding about any activities someone might want to do. Just depends on where you would like to cruise.
Love to cruise but like most single women, it's difficult finding someone to travel with.  Many cannot afford to travel.  I cruise every year at least once and sometimes twice with family and friends.  
have travelled alone and with friends, enjoy both but lately have done the solo travelling. It is great if you meet some nice people but the last time I was in the carribbean I went to a place for mostly couples and it was the first time I was looking forward to coming home. That said I am looking for any recommendations of resorts (carribbean/mexico) mostly that are good for single/solo travellers. Been to Temptations in Cancun, fun but a bit risque, and also the superclubs which I am not even sure are operating as single friendly places now so I am seeking the experiences of others that can be recommended. I am soon to be 54, youthful looking and acting and want to meet likewise.
unsure53 wrote: hello, I just would like to ask a question, you are ok with travelling alone, have you always or was this something you got use to, I am from Canada, alone, 61, and would llike to travel, but am nervous about being alone.

I feel quite safe in solo travel. I guess, I am adventurous and always ready to meet new people.
I dont blame you! I would like to travel with someone for all kinds of different reason but mostly so I'm not alone and bored!
I have traveled a lot. My dad was in the Navy, so needless to say, it’s in my blood. The best trips I’ve taken we’re on my own. I just like being able to wander where I want without having to worry about if someone else is having fun.
I had just started my travels in life when COVID19 hit. I went to Paris France for a week and loved it. I am hoping to pick up traveling again soon. I like both domestic and foreign travel. But I agree with Kooltel. It is difficult to find someone to travel with as many do not have the funds for it. And I don’t enjoy being financially constraint when I travel. I like immersing myself into new cultures which is never cheap.