Fearless_50 wrote: Solo travelling at times have its perks. One of which is that you will have your so called  "me" time.  If I am with a group of friends normally at least 5, they are the ones that I really know well. Just like in my last travel with my friends we went canyoneering and whaleshark diving but I had to go solo on our fourth day  because I had booked for a tandem skydive which I need to travel for another 5-6 hrs both land and ferry. 

Downside of solo travelling is you are at the mercy of asking other people to take my pictures.  And had to do those pose with a complete stranger.  Lol!! But otherwise its always a great adventure. 

And yes sometimes its nice to travel with an opposite number :) 

Fearless 50

I know that it has been 5 years but if you are still interested in travel great. I have been looking for a companion. I am well traveled, mostly in Asia.