:lol: told you  IT  would be back  :lol:
He/she is also back using ID Juan Ting.  I just had a post removed. 
hi , anyone  remembewr me being here before,  please could ya get in touch, as my memories of this are very sketchy,  had a memory loss (again..)  and  as part of home therapy,  it has been suggested, i try to remember places and people i used to chat too or know  from the weeks, months, even as far back as  5 yr ago... to try and help build up  or stimulate memories  i should have  somewhere...   so please, if anyone remembers me being on here,  my email addy is AChall14  at  hot mail dot co dot uk,  any help would be greatly appreciated, and maybe even helpful...
 If i seem to have ignored any of my past friends from this site,  I am Terribly Sorry,  it was not  done on purpose,
 Thank you for any help.
 Take care all.
 Ade. xx 
Hi wolfie, it has been a long time, I for one have missed you x.  I am so sorry to hear about your memory loss,I have not been on the site for a few weeks myself, dealing with a few problems at home. but could not log off without leaving you a post. I know the last time we were in touch you where busy with a new job you had at a school you really enjoyed it.I just thought you was busy, I had no idea you were having problems with your memory. if there is anything I can do to help just ask, am sure that there are still members that will remember you and they to would help a friend out.  :D xx
It nice to see you back on board again.
Memory loss isn't fun and can be challenging. Hope you will build your memory back up again.
Hey wolfie, forgot to say we have a lot of new members since you were last on the site, so you can have new memories to, there are some really nice people on here am sure they will support you anyway they can. xx :D
I believe not everyone is meant to know all the things that this world holds. I have met ghosts, two good, if sad, and one not so good. I cannot deny the spirit world or god. god in so much as he is real. not the little god of this planet, but one of the universe.
CAP444 wrote: Hi Wolfie. I too believe that the spirit world exists and I also believe that mediums help us connect with the hereafter...as we all 'know' how to do in our subconcious but alas, have forgotten with time. I have seen some excellent mediums who don't exaggerate what they hear or see and I have also witnessed some mediums who take advantage of some people. As long as mediums are helping people and spirits communicate what needs to be communicated, I don't see one thing wrong with mediumship at any level. And I hope to see more people gain a true understanding of this in the near future. Our world desperately needs this understanding to grow and stay positive. We are all here to help each other, that is the goal of humanity and if mediumship teaches us to help each other and grow, how can it be non-existent?

Nicely put.
It never going to end, that age old question of is there something on the other side. I will never rattle anyone for their own personal view, but for me - it's all there! I have had a lifetime to learn what to pay attention to and from time to time fell victim to advice from something that is not tangible(a living entity).
This isn't something I decided to get into - it was gifted to me. I do not give readings very often as that opens up a door for skeptics to pounce. I do work on missing or cold cases. However, only one return call from a police service. I figure it is just to hard to convince a judge and jury where the info came from. I've been touched to many times by something that has no physical form. Gives a person shivers thought. The term things that go bump in the night is a real issue for some. Just thinking out loud again.
SO good to see this forum!  I relatively new to my area and haven't built a spiritual community, yet.  Opportunities here are far less than where I relocated from.  But to the point, yes to Spirit World ... resounding yes!!!  I've had many experiences and hope to find a group, collective or something to continue to explore and expand.

I can think of amazing moments ... some in Egypt ... where I was contacted and the effect was profound. Once on a 54' sailboat, I was contacted by my paternal grandfather, whom I never met.  His message to me was inspiring and comforting.  Anyway, those who believe likely have had a beginning experience that rocked their world ... opened up new thinking and paths to wonderful experiences.

Do some think we are nuts ... oh yeah, but funny thing -- when their world gets unmanageable, who do they come to for comfort and guidance ... ?  ;-)

Thanks for sharing Wolfie and everyone!  Nice to meet you :D   :D   :D  
Artsy, you are from Oregon. Check out these groups and maybe you will some find people with similar interests.

Oregon Paranormal Societies
well since moveung to Belfast i dont know any one who believes or a chuch to go to like i did back in England we had a lovely spiritulist church and i miss it i have sat in circle back then and miss that also so if you know of any i would love to be part of both ...sweet dreams
Hi Wolfie,
Yes I certainly remember you. I have been off the site for several years, not actually sure
how long, perhaps 2011 - 2012ish. Maybe you will recall my 50's plus club photo, but don't worry if it does not ring a bell. We did not connect very often.

I am very sorry you are experiencing some memory loss.
We exchanged a few messages in this forum. Your postings were always open,
your responses always kind and inclusive.

I wish you well, Wolfie.

Barbara ( VacationBarbie
beenhere wrote: We all are at different stages of learning and awakening and once you awaken you begin to see there is much more to this world than you previously thought.

We humans are so limited. We can only see in 3-4 dimension when many animals have much more of sensory organs .....more hearing, more angle of the eye, smell with their nose

I have developed my senses so I can see and hear more than a normal person.

Lately can I sometimes see "dead" people and know what they are here to tell and people confirm for me what I hear is true.

I not use my gifts for money. I always do it for free to heal people and make them free from what is going on in their life. When they are healed is my reward to see them free and happy.
right on eva