I do believe there is something out there not of this world, The Bible mentions angels hundreds of times.They are sent by God to be messengers.I have had too many things happen to me especially in the last couple of years that cannot be coincidental. I believe in synchronicity and not statistical probabilities. I have a medium who is in tune with the next world. She is wonderful and helped me work through some of the issues I had with deceased relatives and acceptance. You have to be open to it,She told me things she could not have known and to this day she does not know my last name(can't google!) Have an open mind and be attentive and you just might find that there is someone lovingly watching over you and sending messages that you will understand and relate to.
wolfie13 wrote: Hi Vacationbarbie,
I have never tried giving a message on the net as such, the thing i do is usually face to face, .

of course it would have to be face to face, how else would cash be paid?
morton1 wrote: HI Wolfie,sorry to bother you again lol. what I mean is can a medium turn of  somebody who does not want to be open to the spirit world.

Easily, Morton. Simply refuse to pay them.