people have lots of different views on this subject, and i just thought it would be interesting to me , as a spiritualist medium, to ask and see what response i get
what are your views on spirit workers such as myself? do you see us as wacky nutters who need help? or do you see us as "sad" people? or do you like what mediums do?
ive heard loads of different responses from loads of different people, so dont be afraid to say what you really think, trust me, i have very thick skin lol,
i hope you dont think im trying to push my views onto anyone, this is intended to break the ice with people, and also im really truly interested in your views,
thank you for posting replies, and hope to get to know you all better, maybe chat too.
take care for now, and be good.
wolfie. xx
Hi Wolfie

I am going to sit on the fence on this one as I do not believe in it. I think that the people that have died like my Dad and my best friend if they could talk would talk to me without needing a spirit worker
In saying this if someone is grieving over a lost love one and could get some comfort from a spirit worker that would help them over coming there grief then I do not see in any wrong in this.
I think were the the problem may lie with a spirit worker is that they do not gain over someone's grieving ie take advantage of someone greiving.

Thank you Tony, i can speak as far as "gaining" from what i do, the gain i get from this is seeing and feeling any comfort a person may get from it, and giving the proof that the soul or spirit live on, and that the loved ones left here for a while can have the thought that they are still in touch and loved just as much,
I wouldnt and couldnt try to make anybody believe in spirit, thats not my aim, when spirit want to be known to a person, they will find a way ,
life today is so busy, that we forget to take time out, and so our thoughts and minds are not "in touch" as we used to be, if you know what im trying to get at,
Again Tony, thank you for taking time to read and reply, i appreciate your thoughts on this. and i wish you well,
HI wolfie, yes I do believe in mediums,to many have told me things that there is no way that they could have known, names dates things that I would only know. but there are people who do fake it and take advantage of people who are grieving over a loved ones.which is a shame because there the ones who give the real mediums a bad name. an your right we are not all in touch with our inner self. any way that's what I believe.
I tend to believe in what I have experienced and not what others have allegedly experienced.
I have not experienced anything that would convince me but I keep an open mind and don't discount anything either.
Hi Wolfie. I too believe that the spirit world exists and I also believe that mediums help us connect with the we all 'know' how to do in our subconcious but alas, have forgotten with time. I have seen some excellent mediums who don't exaggerate what they hear or see and I have also witnessed some mediums who take advantage of some people. As long as mediums are helping people and spirits communicate what needs to be communicated, I don't see one thing wrong with mediumship at any level. And I hope to see more people gain a true understanding of this in the near future. Our world desperately needs this understanding to grow and stay positive. We are all here to help each other, that is the goal of humanity and if mediumship teaches us to help each other and grow, how can it be non-existent?
:D this has gone better than i hoped, thank you all for views, and hope to catch you in chatroom, the thing is, we all have the ability to communicate with loved ones, just a matter of opening up your senses to them, but that needs practice and patience,
i hope you didnt mind me asking and starting this up without asking someone first,
take care for now till next time.
wolfie xx
Hi Wolfie.....yes I believe.....

I have not seen a spirit or heard words from a spirit........but I can certainly feel when a spirit is in a house, and can feel emotions from a spirit (anger, terror, sadness, excitement, joy and contentment). I talk to spirits and know they hear me, but I do not have the power or ability to converse back and forth. My daughter has been able to converse, and I think her ability scares her (not the spirits themselves but that she hears them).

I posted on another Forum here some of my experiences with spirits.....if you click on my posts you will find it. I currently share my 133 yr old Victorian house with spirits....we all get along just fine.
Thank you Roseslady, could i suggest that if you or your daughter are interested in this type of thing, that you may look up your closest spiritualist church, and enquire about "open circles", they are here to help and train the senses for people to understand whats happening when spirit communicate, they are usually free, and open to anyone, just a thought for you my friend,
most mediums have ways of "opening" and "closing" themselves to spirit work, as it does drain your energies, often leaving you very tired, depending on the depth you go into your work,
myself, i picture a flower tight in bud, then as i open myself up i picture the bud opening until it is fully open, then i am totally committed to what spirit wish to convey, when i am ready to close, i reverse the picture in my mind, and close the petals until tightly closed,
some picture a door, a curtain, just what works for them, you might suggest your daughter tries something like this when she wants to listen or not to spirit,
i could go on for ages on this subject, but i wont bore you,
thank you again for your time and your post,
see you in chat maybe,
take care
Hi Wolfie,  I have had a few spiritual experiences in my life.  I don't know what it is you do, or if my experiences are similar to yours.   Do you have a message for me?   I have a feeling you do.
Hi Vacationbarbie,
I have never tried giving a message on the net as such, the thing i do is usually face to face, so i get responses and most of all the voice, spirit like to hear the voice of the person they wish to communicate with, they work on energies you see, the thing that people do over the net is more on the lines of psychic work, which is slightly different to spiritual work, and i think its amazing how they get close, but i dont happen to have that ability im afraid, i do get feelings when in chat, sometimes, but i dont think it would be right to put it out in chat,
I am sorry if i cannot help at the moment, but if i do get anything that i feel you would like to hear, i will let you know my friend,
you mention experiences?, do you feel or see or hear spirit?, as i ask that, all i get is MAY now i aint got a clue what this means it may be the month or a name, i dont know, but may is good for you, and a lady, small, dark permed type hair, wearing specs is in my thoughts, she is just smiling and i get the feeling you helped her in some way, she just wants to say thank you, xx.
I hope you can take something from that, coz when i started to type this out, i had absolubtly nothing at all, i didnt think it was possible to relay anything over here.
if it doesnt mean anything at the moment, just bear it in mind, it may be something in the month of may that happened, i dont know, as spirit dont let us know everything, and times ive asked, they just tell me it isnt for me to know, pretty cryptic eh? lol so i stopped asking and being nosey,
thank you for your post my friend, sorry i couldnt help more,
take care for now
Thank You Wolfie,     My experiences  have been in feeling the presence of  a person being with me.
For example, once I was driving and felt the presence of a friend in the back seat  behind me. I said his name out loud, as you would if you were surprised  to meet some one unexpectedly.  I knew he was smiling , and happy riding along with me.  I thought  if i looked behind me i might loose the feeling , so I just kept  driving happily along.  I think it lasted 10-15 min, until i arrived in town at any rate, then he was gone.         Another example, was the day my dog died.  That evening and for several days following every time i sat down i could feel her pushing her nose under my arm and leaning into my side to cuddle like she always had done with me.      I am not sure of the significance of MAY just now,  but Thank You for sharing that with me.     I still have a feeling you have a message for me.   Please feel free to share any thing that may come to you with me if we are ever in  the chat room together.. unless you are uncomfortable doing so . These things can't be planned for ,, i don;t think ???    Talk soon.                     Best Wishes,
Hi VacationBarbie,
Thank you for your post, and for sharing your experiences, they were lovely to read and feel, the friend one seem,s straight forward as in, the man was just enjoying the few mins he could share with you on your journey home, while you were obviously "open" to allow him close, what a lovely feeling to know that spirit can come close and be felt yeah?
the second one, your pet dog, this is so common when we lose friends, to me it seems like your pet came to let you know everything was fine, and also to comfort you over the time you thought about him/her, just a friend letting you know all was well,
both your experiences left me feeling glad that you was open enough to allow them to take place,
Now, as for messages, if i get anything in chat, i will tell you, but i couldnt do that in open chat, so i will leave them in here, or i will try to get your attention in them little one on one boxes, but i dont like to take over chat, as i am new really and i dont want anyone thinking i am pushy or taking over, im sure you know what i mean my friend,
but for now, i will bid you farewell,
catch you sometime hopefully in chat,
take care
wolfie. xx
I believe - absolutely. Too many strange things have happened for me to remain sceptical, although normally I have a scientific outlook, and constantly seek to understand....
We all are at different stages of learning and awakening and once you awaken you begin to see there is much more to this world than you previously thought.