Made this for a Luncheon the XO of my Ship had for his guest while we were in port in St.Peters burg Russia they must have liked it everyone wanted seconds.

I took 2 Ten Pound Pork loins and fillet them out.So start by cutting from one end to the other about a 1/2 inch deep.Then push it open and slowly start to cut threw and roll the Loin back so you should end up with one big flat piece of meat takes a little time and some butcher shops will do this for you.

I made a normal bread dressing only I chopped up granny smith apples and mixed into it once I had that done I spread it out over the meat to cover then start at one edge rolled it back up so it looked like a long pork loin once again.

2 cups apple juice dash of soy pinch garlic powder 1/2 table spoon liquid smoke mixed well then rub over the loin or massaged in. let sit in frig for at least one hour then bake on 300 for 30 minutes.Take out of the oven and let stand so that it is cool to the touch then wrapped entire loin with maple wood smoked Bacon.Crank oven up to 325 and place on center rack and cook until Bacon is crisp but still a little soft remember it still will cook another ten min out of the oven with makes the bacon come out perfect.

Each portion size is one width a slice of bacon served this along with mashed tators,Chicken Gravy and fresh green beans pan friend in bacon grease finished off in oven.Home Made Bread Pudding for Dessert.

So for Russians not liking American Food or Pork they sure ate the hell out of this,Hope you enjoy
Another good ingredient for stuffed pork loin is mushrooms and celery chopped fine and sauteed before mixing with the dressing. I use it on my stuffed pork loin all the time and get great reviews from my friends that eat it. Just thought I would put a word in. :D