I have been in female led/bdsm relationships for most of my life. I have been part of the scene lifestyle but also held private loving relationships.

I adore submissive men however what is difficult is finding that rare breed of submissive male who yearns to submit to his Mistress but to all intents and purposes is an alpha confident male to friends and family.

Do you think the same traits can exist in the same person? 
Suddenly this site is becoming bdsm / femdom / fetish / piercings oriented. What next ffm / mmf / cfmn hehehehehehe

To be honest I hate pain.  I am not in to gay. I am not particularly turned on seeing artifacts or outfits, piercings are OK as long as they keep out of the way. I guess that makes me very particular and narrowly selective about the rest



Yes I do know where men like this can be found.  I admire you for being brave enough to post.  You go girl!!  This website runs from anything that is not vanilla.  (How boring!). What you are looking for is in demand.  Stay away from the BDSM sites.  They are not safe.  But if your interested, let me know.  I find it more in British and Canadian men than in American men.  But it's very rare for a woman to look for that combination.  I know men who have been hunting for someone like you for years.  Everyone is afraid of their sexuality on this site.  But there are other decent sites.  You just have to know where to find them.
au contraire mes amis 
Ménage à trois

Ce jolie



I spend a lot of time in France.  There is nothing wrong with a threesome.  Consenting adults, and an open mind.  I'm a submissive and bisexual.  I think women are beautiful.  Welcome to today's world!
What you just said Annaleigh, it been going on for centuries, yup three some and even four some.
Really.  How very surprising!  Thank you for your helpful information.  I appreciate it.
"katieee's post...what is difficult is finding that rare breed of submissive male ... an alpha confident male to friends and family. Do you think the same traits can exist in the same person?"

I think it would be a rare individual. My impression of a Dom/sub relationship is the Dom taking over every aspect of the sub's life. To be both would mean both worlds would be lacking somewhat, either in a desire to be submissive when they have to be strong, or feeling an overwhelming need to be strong while trying to be submissive.

If we're speaking to only a long weekend, it can be almost like a vacation for someone who's had the pressures of always being in charge to be able to dump the stress and let someone take over control of it all, if only for a short period of time. And if that particular short amount of time is wrapped around sexual exploration... everyone should try it at least once.

I once knew a man who lived on a boat... well okay, maybe that's a story for another time. :)
Where to begin with this post? To many things to even detail. But my thoughts and only my thoughts are if i wanted to explore my sexuality why would I do it here? I understand you state what you are looking for and give a little details about yourself, and sit back and wait till somebody clicks with your take on life. Strike up a friendship and in private explore where that will go. So at what point did we devolve to this type of forum? I am surprised but not shocked at Stairdaisy's response, considering she is the in house, foot out front, acknowledged Christian here at the club. But no matter. I am certain as the fact that God did indeed make little green apples, if i expressed my views on my sexuality and on the many subjects this forum has broached, I would be branded as a racist, bigot, hate monger,(you name it), because I am not in step with the politically correct. I find that odd considering the left is so tolerant, but understand tolerance is a subjective "thing" and changes constantly. So do I post in the forum my requirements or needs? Heads will row if I do that, because the first head will be mine. I do not care if you want to marry your dog, have a foursome, do the nasty with a whip, but I do mind that there is a double standard to what will be allowed from those with that point of view and me. When even those of faith refuse to stand and be counted, the course has been set. Before you flay me with a cat of nine tails understand this. Just because it looks good and feels good, doesn't mean it is good for you. Thank God we all have been given free will. What your requirements are, and sexuality is...........is well yours. Since it is a private issue, I do not believe I should be subjected to a forum post such as this.
Brilliant my dear friend!!
I consider myself broadminded and to each his own, but in private. This is not the place. :roll:
:shock:  and  :lol:,   I don't think its fair to assume that everyone is scared of there sexuality on this site. what anyone does behind close doors is up to them and good luck to them.  it should be kept private between your partner, or partners, I am well aware that there is other sites that cater for peoples sexual desires, this site is not one them. do not get me wrong am not here to judge anyone, each to their own.   I understand and see the point that the members  have made regarding this thread and each post should be treated with respect. I to am very open minded but like one member mentioned being subjected to this on a forum is not what I want to read about. Yes I know we do not have to read it but if you are nosey like I am its bit of a shock  :lol:. Annaleigh  you state this site is boring but you are full member, I just do not understand the comment you made. this is only my thoughts about this thread, so no need for any member to have ago at me   :roll:  
All adults. All races. All ethnicities. All political systems. All belief systems. All sexualities. All free to ask questions. All free to express opinions.

Isn’t this a great site? Life is such an adventure. :D
Well said Joceannora.
Freedom of speech.
But not here on the forums.!! 
I do NOT wish to offend anyone, and I live my life accordingly.

However, I am not a fan of censorship.   I am offended every time some person dictates what is acceptable for me to feel about my own sexuality. It is even more disturbing to me that folks feel they need to bring God and religion into my bedroom!

Free speech is our right on this continent folks....may as well embrace it.

Just my 2 cents :-)