Diabetes mellitusis a medical disorder characterized by varying or persistent hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar levels), All types of diabetes mellitus share similar symptoms and complications at advanced stages. Hyperglycemia itself can lead to dehydration and ketoacidosis.here are the symptoms of having a hyperglycemia,if you have this kind of symptoms,visit your family doctor.
1.frequent uination
2.unqueachable thirst
3.loosing weight with out trying
4.tingling or numbness in your hands,arms,legs, and feet.
5.blurred vission
6.skin that is dry and ithcy
7.frequent infection or cuts and bruises that takes a long time to heal
8.excessive hunger
Longer-term complications include cardiovascular disease (doubled risk), chronic renal failure (it is the main cause for dialysis), retinal damage with eventual blindness, nerve damage and eventual gangrene with risk of amputation of toes, feet, and even legs.
I have been a type one diabetic for 25 years. If I can help in anyway please let me know. It isn't easy
Type 1 27 years myself. type 2 is harder to be aware of sugars do not rise as high will feel constant tired thirst peeing a lot long healing for sores vision blurring and distortion lack of energy constantly
I have type 2 diabties and now on insulin, every time i inject i leave lumps and it gets very sore where i inject .it was ok at first.by the way im 82 years old [that dont help].
my mouth get very dry at night,wake up want to have a plnt of beer,but nono.
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I have....Type 2 is what I have and it was weight gain, not weight loss.
starkitkat wrote: I have....Type 2 is what I have and it was weight gain, not weight loss.

Hi there, weight gain is something that does tend to happen though not always with Diabetes type 2. Have a look at the webpage below..

Type2 Diabetes causes weight gain HERE

regards and good luck with coping with your diabetes. :)
To me this is the definitive Diabetes help site in the UK... :D

Diabetes UK HERE
Cool keith, lots of places for us to go, now you just gave us a few more.
type 1 diabetes, there is a herb from india, gymnema sylvestre that causes the islet of langerhorn in the pancreas to produce beta cell that lower blood sugar, it may take up to a year to work, it may be a lot less, but it works,it can be bought at most health food stores or cheaper on line. i'm extremely prone to type 1, been doing gymnema sylvestre for 18 years,still not diabetic. diabetes can be controlled or reversed with a raw food diet