If you click on chat and go to enter chat, it will bring up the chat room in another page / browser on your computer. If no one is there do not close the chat. You can now click from one page to the other to see if anyone has joined chat while you still come back to the main page to read and answer forums and ask questions. This lets people know that someone is waiting in the chat room and would like to strike up a conversation about the day.
no wonder you were chosen a lady of the evening two days in a row. you are the most knowledgeable chatter (except for brian) in the chat kingdom.
i doubt that anyone will be in the chat room for the next three weeks as they will be busy still trying to read all you forum posts.
Pente welcome to the site, I applaud your efforts to try to get people talking/chatting/interacting/engaging. Is is a little quiet here but keep doing what you are doing and hopefully things will pick up.

There is a group chat daily 7am - 9am Mtn/Pacific time. (USA) hosted by Pianoman, if that's a good time you may want to join him and others.
Thank you very much! Good to know. Been trying to pin down the exact time. LOL last time I thought I had it I waited for 20 minutes and no one showed. Guess that explains it all now. !!!!!! :)