Hello Ladies -

Interested in giving this nice, exciting Tantric Massage to women at the comfort of your home. No strings attached - simply friendship & the joy of this mutual activity.
I have given this to my lady friends and they were in 7th heaven....now they can't stop dreaming about this and want it more often...we have become good friends.
Let me know your thoughts and interest in this .

Take care :)
If I shave my legs, will you do me.
I'II pop round and do them for you :lol:

You'll miss yer flight.
Could be worth it Taz, maybe I'll get a massage too :D

Or perhaps not, I'm ticklish :roll:
understood weird,
Unless you're all prepared for masseuse and Scrum is your therapist, lol
(PS) only reason not bothered using this forum for fun is who,ever first
posted was coloring outside the lines, lol, be safe
Scrum and I were there already Taz. But thanks for the thought :D
too bad "w" you are that far.....would have been my pleasure to give it a try to you lol !!