I would just like to say thankyou to all the great people and friends on here who have relayed good wishes and support for the Journey i undertook today,
Love ya`ll immensely, and see ya`ll very soon, you have all blown me away!!!!!!!
Wishing you all the best with your recovery. May you use this restful time to energize and recharge. Looking forward to catching up with you soon. XXX
Hey Chris...
I'm glad everything went well today & that you're in good spirits. Rest up & let the healing begin! That's your job for now. Take care & see ya on the flip side.

Hey Sniper

I hope everything went well. Can't wait to have you back in our chat room and making us all smile again. Get some rest and come back as soon as you feel up to it. Miss you.

Hi Chris.............just like to go along with the other members and wish you well. Tony
You're in our thoughts for a speed recovery, rest and recuperate, we will keep your seat warm until you return HUGS
Thankyou Pearl, Darly, Tony, Jersy, and Skippy, overwhelmed by all the wonderful comments, yourselves and others have bestowed on me, see you all in chat, as soon as I can.
Good luck with whatever you are going through Chris!
Thankyou Graham
Sending best wishes and hopes for a speedy return to full activity. 
Hey SniperOne,
Wishing and knowing that you will be giving this challenge the old Sniper defiant and bulldog attitude.
Good Luck and looking forward to your full success.
Hey Sniper,
Sooo glad everything went well,, you are a strong man and I know you will recover rapidly and will be back soon to entertain us !!!!
Miss you,
Thankyou Clad, Db, And Bw, I am in a good positive place right now and will just do what i have to do, it`s great to hear from all of you, mucho loveo lol
Hi Chris

I am a bit behind on what is happening, but I wish you well.

Thankyou Weirdone much appreciated.