hi all
shocked to find out that my spouse has cancer and i find out in two days if i have lupus. not a good week in my house. does anyone know about lupus i dont understand if it is cureable or lasts your life
they were able to fix my spouse, maybe i will be as lucky.

i am open to any hints clues whatever to get through this
I am very sorry. It is always a big shock to have a cancer, and I understand very well how you feel. You will have to take good care of yourself.... I do not know about lupus but maybe you can find something about it in the Internet. I hope you will find good support.
Lupus is a disease that I don't wish anyone should have, you will find that you will have good days and bad ones.
I have a few friends who have lupus and they are on medication for it. Eating healthy is one thing and find out what food that you can eat without triggering the Lupus. You may think you are eating healthy but not for lupus as some of the healthy food isn't good for those who have lupus. Daily walking is another thing that you should do to keep yourself in shape and keep lupus in control.
I have survived cancer twice. I also have the autoimmune diease Lupus with over lapping Scleroderma. I haven't had much luck with finding a doctor that understands it. I took predizone for seven years, it helped in the beginning but became worse than the diease. My advise to you would be stay out of the sun as much as possiable. Avoid stress if you can. Stress causes flare ups. Do you also have arthritis? Good luck finding a good doctor. Wishing you remission.