After living near cities, with my children grown, I decided to leave the fast track.  A few trips south sold on on some of the most beautiful country I have seen.  The Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina.  There is something about the scalloping mountains, the oldest on the planet.  They fold and fold again.  To hike them is an art form with their twists and turns, steep inclines and sudden descents.

The peace and tranquility here, unique small towns, a university nearby and lots of waterfalls have made a lot of people rethink their lifestyles.  Few people live indoors as there is so much to do.  The river is five minutes away.  Fly fisherers are drawn here as are kayakers, canoers  and rafters.  

Fall foliage is spectacular.  I always thought New England was the place to be until I saw this area.  Parts of it are a rainforest and rhododendron are everywhere.  
Winter allows for skiing at nearby Cataloochee, or hiking the many trails in the area.  Film making is popular here - the site of The Fugitive, Nell, A Walk In The Woods and so many others.  While I love to travel, it is always so nice to come home.
beautiful Nan
Thanks for sharing that with us Nan, its good to read about where others live and how much they enjoy it. I live in a small village in a lovely countryside setting that is very different to where you live but none the less beautiful to me. We are indeed lucky, there are many in the world who are unable to choose and are not as fortunate as we are. :)
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Scrummy, that's because although you've been asked many times you never show us any pics of where you live. Or maybe you are not allowed cameras in case you hurt someone. :lol:
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Sounds like a great place to be, the main thing is it brings you happiness :)