Great questions Jessy, i couldn't think of any to ask myself. Thank you for a great forum.

Best wishes Marie 
Okay Gulph, lets see how you go with these...

1. If you could travel through time, future or past, where would you go and why?

2. If a friend came to you and asked what is the one truth you could tell them that you know about women what would it be? (and you cant say you know nothing!!! that would constitute avoidance of the question, LOL)

3. Finally, if you could lock one person up in a mental institution who would it be? (Just making my list here....) ROFL

...the hot seat...getting hotter, LOL!
blackbird2 wrote: Great questions Jessy, i couldn't think of any to ask myself. Thank you for a great forum.

Best wishes Marie 

Hi Marie,

I really missed you for a few days there.  I am glad to see your beautiful happy face again.. :D
Yes, that was really nice of Miss Chievous to step up to the plate while you were away.  She is so outgoing and friendly and has been a big help on this thread.

I realize that sometimes it is hard for people to think of questions to ask.  I have to ask the same ones over again that I asked a previous person, but that is ok too.

It is all about "getting to know people" did a great job friend.....thank you, Jessy  
1.  What makes you smile?

2.  Did you watch Avatar?  What was or is your favorite move? Are you a couch potato, watching TV or do you like to be on the move?

3.  What is the one thing you can't tolerate when dating a woman? 
missys first. 1. i would love to go back to the civil war. it was a chapter of our history(and the worlds history) that doesnt get enough attention in our education process these days. Thi wasnt Iraq or Vietnam! This was Gettysburg, Atlanta ! over 700 thousand casualities and those numbers are from 150 years ago. And to think that Lincoln had offered to not intrude on the governing of the southern states if they would not secede. He basically offered them what the ywanted, but they seceded
2.The one thing i would tell about women is to forget all those thing you learned yesterday and start over tomorrow! 3. this might be a bit vague to some but i would commit a man named the rev phelps; He was the pastor of a church somewhere in kansas i believe. What he would do is to take his followers and go funerals of fallen soldiers around the midwest carrying signs say such awful things such as the fallen got what they deserved. Thats just insane to me!............ oh i have it. the westboro baptist church i believe is the name of these..................people. time for a workout back soon
1. what makes me smile?hmmm. A warm embrace. The innocence of youth. genuine joy, true passion,, sharing a drink with friends. 2. I never saw the movie Avatar. i think i have been to maybe three movies in the last ten years and i cant recall a one of them. I love anything black and white. old movies photos etc. fav movies..... casablanca, key largo, godfather part two(best sequal of all time!). 3. this one was tough but smoking is an automatic deal breaker regardless of who it may be. Right after that come excess body hair.............. ewww
Hi – Here are my questions.

1. If you could be any character in any book, who would it be?

2. You are moving to an island and can only take 5 things. What would they be?

3. What if your favorite scent?
1. I would like to be Starbuck, the first mate from Herman Melvilles book Moby Dick. All those adventures on the high seas! And the coffee of course! One cant go whaling without a grande latte in hand 2. a knife for sure! maybe a towel, a blanket, a toothbrush, and maybe a pair of water sandals 3 scents huh?how about the first warm day of spring where you finally get to open all the windows?/!! I also like the smell of steaks on a mesquite fueled fire and a properly worn perfume.
Yaaaa, Katmommie is here to ask question.......... :D, so happy to see you on here my dear friend.....

1.  What is the most spontaneous thing you've you ever done? 

2.  What song best describes you, or what would your favorite song be?

3.  Do you share your feeling easily with a friend? 
1. the most spontaneous thing i have ever done was most likely when i decided to join the marines(fueled by fear of getting drafted which never happened btw),From civiial to military in about a half hours time it did end up being one of the smarter things i have done with my life. 2.My favorite songs vary from time to time. right now.............. only the lonely by frank sinatra. H was before my time but at his prime, a brilliant vocalist. Raul Malo does a wonderful solo version of the J D souther song, your only lonely. Raul also does a great job with the old elvis pressly song.................... love me. fav groups include, the mavericks, bob marely, gary moore,brian setzer, stan getz, tom waits,room full of blues and asleep at the wheel. I am into spanish guitar a lot so try jesse cook, oscar lopez, and a local band from here called roman street. 3.Until revcently........... i havent shared my feeling with anyone and i think it is a factor(among other things) in my marriage failing.I think i was afraid that if i did share my feeling, that people wouldnt like what they saw.Thankfully, one of our members has recently persuaded me into opening up so to speak. I will be forever indebted. i havent shut up since! enough physchology
We are winding down soon Gulf, just a couple of days left.  You have made such an impression on me.  Your quiet spirit is one of the things I really like about you.  But quiet only goes so far and we have to let it all out.  You have an interesting life, one I am sure eventually you will be sharing with a lucky lady on this site.  If I was 10 years younger, I would be scrambling to impress you and get an invite to your lovely location and have dinner with you.

........Questions to follow shortly 
1.  You're allowed to choose one of the following PRIZES from a contest.  Which will you choose?   ...........Kennedy Space Center      

............Hot Air Balloon ride over Las Vegas


........... Tour of Buckingham Palace, including meeting the Queen.  


2.  Do you expect sex on the first date? (It used to be ... should we kiss on the first date, times are sure changing)

3.  What is the longest time a friendship has lasted with you and another male

4.  Do you find it hard to remain only friends with a woman, in the real world, but do your thoughts sway towards more? 
1, This is an absolute no brainer as i have been wanting to visit the UK for years and i am tentatively planning a fall visit there. I have to make sure the next football(soccer) season is underway.I even took english history classes while in college and i have the bbc website on my list of favorites. 2, i think its important to show a woman a good time on a date and sex is not a prerequisite for having a good time. Now on the other hand...............i am always more than willing to listen to sug gestions.

3. My best friend Randy and i met in the fall of 1967 on my first day after transferring to a new high school.He has had as much impact on my life as anyone and we remain best of friends to this day

4. i would like to think i treatr all people(both men and women) equal so i have no trouble remaing just friends with women
My last three questions for you Gulf, then tomorrow I will be introducing the next person for the hot seat.  I drew the name today, but I will introduce HER tomorrow.........

Thanks you being a lot of fun on here Gulf, I am sure we all got to know you better.

hugs, Jessy

1.  Would you rather fly, boat, or drive?

2.  Do you believe every married couple should have some space from each other as often as needed?

3.  They say men prefer blondes.  Do you? 
1.I would much rather drive. I love road trips both short and long! 2.If spending some time apart keeps the marriage intact and well, then by all means! 3;I have no preference as to hair color