Would anyone like to have a hot seat on this 50 Plus forum?

We could ask for volunteers to start,  by sitting in the hot seat while the rest of us are allowed to ask 3 questions a day.  Easy stuff, like "what is your favorite color".  If the questions get too hard the volunteer, can "pass" and doesn't have to answer anything that makes him/her uncomfortable. 

After one week, we will know that person a little better.....yes?

Then we will get someone else in the hot seat.

What do you say?  Anyone like to volunteer to be in the hot seat?  Let me know and on Sunday I will draw names out of my hat (trust me.... :lol: ) and we will see how it goes next week.

Be brave, it might be fun.....

Jessy x 

My hand is up !
Yahhhooooooo, we have one volunteer already.  Way to go Polly, you are the greatest.

Come on now folks, let's see your hands up.  And the men also, be brave you shy little creatures... :wink:  
me next
Well Hello! We got a man already.  Thanks Gulfshores.... :lol:

Come on everyone, sign up before Sunday when I draw from my hat.....

Can hardly wait to see who are going to make up your mind to be "fun loving" here on 50Plus.

Would love to....put my name in the hot seat hat.

Welcome friend, I had a feeling you might join in and what a wonderful volunteer you will make as you are such an interesting person......

Now, we have three ladies and one man.  I know we will get more before Sunday
..........because....... 50 Plus Rocks!!  yes, we do  :D
Come on now........I know you want to do it.  Put your name in my hat and do it before Sunday.
Would love to have a nice bunch in here.  You don't have to be a "premium" member to do this, as you have 5 freebies per day and you only need one for here...

Jessy :D  
Hi,I will put my name in.
Hi Jessy, sure ask away.
Two more men!  WOW, we are going to be outnumbered you girls, better get in here, we need you to even the score.... :D

I am so glad the men are willing to be in the hot seat.  Perhaps the women don't like to be asked a lot of questions.  

Wait a minute, there are three ladies so I think that makes 3 & 3 so far.  

Thank you Nightsounds and Quiet, for joining us.  I am really looking forward to getting to know all who participate.

So far we have


(They are all in the hat.....trust me :lol:  ) One of us is going to be in the hot seat next week.'

Graham, you can come in here, doesn't matter that you are the Administrator, we can roast you just as well as anyone..... :wink:  
Hi Jessy,
If I find a white rabbit in the hat, do I get to keep it? Happy to hop in.
L.C. you are too cute....... :D

If you find a white rabbit, you can keep it and the hat too....

Thanks for joining in on the fun........ 

Now, just so everyone knows what is going on here, the people who are volunteering on here, are the ones who are willing to be in the hot seat, BUT, I just realized that IF they are just a basic member, they only have 5 free posts, so I guess the only way I can handle that is to let them do their replies to me and I will post them on their behalf.

I didn't think of that when I started this, but we can give it a try anyway and see how it goes.

You don't have to be on here as a volunteer to ask questions.  Anyone in the forum is welcome to ask questions.