I read Stardaisy's forum blog, and was shocked. It is a well thought of political ploy that when caught in an unwinnable situation to turn the tables, and accuse the innocent of the same thing you are being held accountable for. There has never to my knowledge been and American attack on the Canadians. For that matter I have never seen any attack on any group . Anybody who has had any conversations with me already knows that I don't attack a persons race, gender, or creed, or for that matter nationality. I may not agree with what you have said, but because you may come from Mars, means nothing, just the words you use. I have been unsettled, at the words Stairdaisy has used in the past, only responded when pushed to the wall, and always directed toward her, not her nationality.
I am truly shocked at her unfounded accusations. If all she said was true, I am sure management would have punched my train ticket a long time ago, and I would not be here to respond.
I am truly sorry to all those that have been affected by these remarks. I did not realize till now, that I was truly dealing with a person with no moral standard. I have been told that when you dance with the Devil, be careful of being lost counting the dance steps. I now fully realize the road is truly twisted, and nothing I say with bear fruit. It is a waste of time to continue exchanging words with one who has a reprobate mind.
Enough said...
I didn't want to impose, but I thought I would correct something here.
This is what I am talking about, her judgement against me, as far as I am concern was uncalled for. Her interference with me and thinking I have posses. This is what I am talking about.

Good night folks and Happy Canadian Thanks Giving.

As I tried to lighten the moment as sometimes it is hard, so I do ignore most of it.
Ok I am off the soap box and yes Good night everyone. This is my last post in here. Like Fish said, Karma is a bitch.