I am sure this is something we have all contemplated during our years on Earth. Why are we here? What is the purpose of it all? I would be curious to see what the resulting conclusions of all this pondering has been.
When I saw the topic I thought of the Monty Python version which was recently re recorded by Stephen Hawking!
Haha. Did not really expect Monty Python to be part of anyone's answer.
As a counsellor myself and having worked with all sorts of clients and difficulties, I have searched long and hard for answers to the meaning of life. I have had a hard life myself and sought answers for a long timeto many things and these are my thoughts.

It is true to say everyone finds meaning and purpose in different ways but equally I have found there are key conditions that have to be met in order to live in a fulfilling way. I would suggest that the meaning of life is to find enjoyment and pleasure as we seek to meet those conditions.

The conditions are: 1 To be loved and to give love, 2 To be listened to and really heard and to listen to others in the same way, 3 To have a sense of belonging/fitting in and to allow ohers to do so also,
4. To have either a faith you believe in that comfort you or to believe in yourself and your abilities. Also to encourage others in their faith or in their life choices, 5. To have hope and optimism, things will change for the better, a positive outlook and again encouragement and support of others too.

I would sum these up with the term "Being There". Being real, being available, being supportive, inclusive and understanding. Patience and self-control are necessary too in order to stand alongide others at times or to endure difficult times.We are a social animal and fear of all kinds (doubts, worries, concerns, anxiety, stress, for example) tend to separate us off from the herd.

I have found wherever there is a sticking point with one of my clients, if I refer to these conditions, we tend to get a breakthrough. There is far more to it than I have said here but this is my view regards our mission, purpose, meaning. Hope it makes sense and maybe helps.
Good and interesting response, Peter. Let me ask one more question. Why do you think we are even here in the first place? What is the reason for our actual existence?
There is no end to the meaning of Life until such time when our Heart stops beating . The Universe we live in is full of Life , so it all depends on us how we are going to live and give meaning to this LIFE.

Our lives depends most of all upon our attitudes . If Life seems dull, purposeless and meaningless... it will be so. If it glows with purpose , challenge, love and devotion, then you'll be inspired to make the most of it ! Everyday is a new day......

I would like to share this beautiful caption from an unknown author.
" We cannot choose how many Years we will live, but we can choose how much Life those years will have."
Reminds me of the Mae West quote! "It's not so much the man in my life as the life in my man" :lol:
Yess Graham....... Youre the Man!
Why are we here in the first place?

I believe we were created and not just a result of a big bang or some other random event. There are too many specifics, intricate details and patterns for myself to consider humanity here by pure chance or good or bad luck.

I believe God to be composed entirely of love and that love desires (but does not need) someone to love . His very nature is to reach out, love and encompass all things into himself. His purpose is to 'be there' as a being in a constant renewing cycle of love, acceptance, inclusion, forgiveness and love again. He starts and ends with love and yet he never ends. He is creator and creation and all created and living things belong with him.

I have had life-changing experiences which have convinced me 100% of the existence of this God and I have felt the exhilarating purity, and oneness of being in his presence. In that moment, nothing else in life mattered one little bit. I didn't need to do anything or say anything. The presence and sharing was everything.

I would describe that moment in this way.

Imagine you are a small stream and you are fading to almost a trickle. You just about make it over the smallest stones and pebbles. You long to be more, to have a drive or purpose, to be more. Life feels as if there is very little left and soon you will run dry.

You see large rocks ahead and sense that by the time you have rounded them you will be no more.

Then, as you round those rocks, you notice a mighty waterfall which is falling towards you. As you reach it and its waters enter yours there is a splashing and a frothing and it can only be described as a captivating and passionate embrace.

Suddenly you are the 'more' that you desired and the increase in the waters has made you into a mighty river. Now you have drive and power and your waters break the banks and begin to create new tributaries.

The small pebbles that you once struggled to pass over are now swept along in your undercurrent. The waterfall waters and yours have merged totally and there is no separate identities but just a complete oneness. You are carried along, empowered, secure and have complete confidence that you can do anything.

There is no need for speech or interaction because you are totally one now and you just know you can always be so. You can still retain the ability to choose to be separate and go your own way (freewill) but you will always be lessened by that separation. However, whenever you choose to return, the same passionate embrace awaits you.

A long answer I know but the crux of it all is this. In one desperately unhappy moment when I felt I had nothing and no-one I called upon this God, should he exist to tell me my purpose. He identified and described himself by the name I AM and told me that he existed to 'be there' and to reach out with love. He told me that as his creation my purpose was the same. I asked how and suddenly it was like by mind was a slideshow rushing by with words and hundreds of pictures. It was beyond my capacity to take it all in. I scribbled down many but it was clear that there were as many ways of 'being there' and loving as there were grains of sand on a beach.

Such as: being there to give a hug, being there to house or home, being there as a shoulder to cry on, being there to encourage, to give a lift, to visit, to help financially, to support, , to laugh with, to telephone, to correspond, to enjoy things together, etc etc.

So, long-winded answer but I believe we are here to love, accept, include, belong, forgive and love again. And to constantly explore, discover and create new ways to express his loveand ours to others.

phew! all done!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your excellent response to such a difficult question. Beautifully stated!
well put,brother...to make known the unknown