If you personally were the Creator of modern day Homo Sapiens, how would you feel they had progressed in wisdom and knowledge?
I'd take a better look at world leaders and start over again
We would have to eliminate the two most deadly of sins

Greed & Arrogance

Before we can really evolve, as a species
Hi Smudge...

I think Homo Sapiens have advanced in leaps and bounds in knowledge. The shame is that there is a definite lack of wisdom when it comes to sharing that knowledge for the benefit of all. 
If I were the Creator? Hmmm. In taking a good look at humanity and the current conditions; I'm not sure. Progression seems to me to be not just the advancement of wisdom and knowledge, but of kindness and acceptance. As myself, I would eliminate violance and war and boost the rising of consciousness to the next level, or two.