I'd invite you to learn about the wonders of algae. It isn't a permanent solution but it ingests CO2, gives off oxygen and can produce fuel that can be refined in the same way as oil, beneficial chemicals as food additives (e.g., "fish oil"), cosmetics, dies, etc, and also can provide animal and human food and food additives. Best of all, it can located next to the ethanol plant referred to in the other topic string, or a waste treatment plant to use the water, CO2, heat and nutritional requirements to grow the algae.

Of course, when the fuel from algae is burned, the CO2 is released but it is, in a sense, recycled. See http://www.algaebiomass.org/ and http://allaboutalgae.com/.

Just thought I'd pass that along and that you and others might find it interesting.

I posted this in response to another's but thought I'd start a new topic as well.
When I think about algae, I will link it to the toxins they brought to shellfish and the connections to red tide.  I have watched a documentary discussing many different types of new algae in the ocean in recent years.  It has caused a few fatality to humans.