Forums and chat lines are well known for misinterpretations of the written word.   :D

Some people my age, are forgetful, and forget to put a little emoticon (smillie) on after saying something funny or different.  
Please, please, please, give us old girls a break!  
Don't assume we have "all our marbles".  
Don't assume we are smarter than "the average bear".  
Don't assume we are angry when we are NOT. 
Don't assume we mean harm to someone.
Don't assume we are talking to YOU....unless the shoe fits.
Don't assume that we are always out in left field, we may be smarter than you think.
Don't misinterpret the written word, google and see how common this problem is.

People should be looking for friends, not enemies.....but if you are looking for someone to say something offensive to you, that is probably how you are going to interpret everything that person says.....they can be the nicest person in the word, but you have already formed an opinion of them and come hell or high water, you are not going to change your mind, because you are always going to be searching for a mistake in their written word  
<snarl> Jessy ....LOL

:lol: :lol:   :lol: