haha good one!..i think it is healthy to allow everyone to be the way they want...I dont want to change anyone..thats their choice...and sure,I have been thru grief,and got stuck with the feeling..until I realized the thought produced the feeling...the hardest part was to switch to a better thought that would produce a better feeling....the feeling was composed of electricity and body chemicals...and the mind would have to dissolve those and produce the opposite!
well,it takes practice,phew!
Sniperone56 wrote: Phew . . . .i`m glad the big `I Am` has gone . . . . . .was he pushing for a best seller or something, or was he thinking about converting his `Epic words of wisdom` into another Shakespeare play, goddammit or even a film . . . . oh he was shootin for an oscar!!!!!!
Well ty Graham for a timely piece of gigglefoonery . . .the timing was perfect. lol.
R.I.P. Oh wise one of many delusions!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

Happiness does depend to a good degree on circumstances although I agree we should try to maintain our own inner joy/pece at all possible times.But it is not always possible.

For myself, I am more interested in not being overwhelmed, misdirected or drawn in to a reaction or emotional response by someone else. For instance if someone is angry and aggressive towards me I can choose to stay calm, give a considered non-confrontational response and not be overly disturbed by events. This allows me to build/restore bridges and maintain my own inner state of mindfulnes and self-care.

I have found I can choose to be happy in most circumstances even if it is only by recalling a pleasant time or event. A few secods of focus can entirely change my outlook and I try to walk my path with an awareness as to where I going and a quick refocus and return when I have moved offtrack..

But sometimes it is appropriate to grieve and simply hang in there. - to stand strong and bend like the reed in the wind unil the wind drops..
Oh I do like very much what you said Peter. As a person who lost 2 of my dearest loved ones in a year, one being my daughter, and watching them go through the suffering I would say to just simply wish away the sadness would make a person a super hero. Grief must take it's course as it is an energy born from the experience of watching helplessly the suffering and then dealing with the empty void left behind. You don't birth a child just to watch it go through total agony while you are helpless to do anything and then simply say..."oh. I think I will feel happy now". Very silly thinking really and totally unrealistic. Thank-you for your more grounded comment.